A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor

Cinnamon script
Saturday, September 3, 2005

Garrison Keillor: ...brought to you by Sue's Cinnamon Toast on a Stick here at the Minnesota State Fair. It's fresh-toasted bread that's buttered while it's hot so the butter melts and then it's sprinkled with a combination of cinnamon and sugar and put on a stick.

Sue Scott: It's real good. You oughta try some.

GK: Especially with a glass of milk.

SS: That's right. Milk and cinnamon toast on a stick. We also have a dill pickle on a stick.

GK: A dill pickle with cinnamon toast?

SS: And skim milk.

GK: I never had a dill pickle with cinnamon toast.

SS: Well, it's different.

GK: I suppose.

SS: So how you been?

GK: Me?

SS: Yeah — you keeping pretty busy?

GK: Naw. Things've been pretty slow.

SS: You ever see Bob anymore?

GK: Haven't seen him.

SS: Neither have I. I hear he's pretty busy.

GK: Yeah.

SS: Well—

GK: I suppose—

SS: Yeah—

GK: Good to see you.

SS: Same here.

GK: Say hello to Bob if you see him.

SS: I'll do that. You care for a cinnamon toast?

GK: No thanks. Maybe later.

SS: Okay. You take care now.

GK: I will. You too.

SS: Thanks for stopping by.

GK: You bet.

SS: See you around.

GK: Yeah.

SS: Let's get together.

GK: Okay.

SS: Get the old gang together.

GK: Sounds good.

SS: Tell Bob if you see him.

GK: I'll do that.

SS: I'll make cinnamon toast.

GK: Sounds good. That's Sue's Cinnamon Toast on a stick. They're so good, you won't want just one. Available with or without dill pickle.

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