A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor

Fair Song
Saturday, September 3, 2005

Walking around the old State Fair
Your hand in mine
Eating a taco
As we walk by the combines
Down the hill is the Midway
People screaming on the roller coaster
What a beautiful night
Last day of summer

And on Tuesday we go back to school for our senior year and what will become of us then?
They say I should go to college but I just don't think so

So let's have two more ears of corn
And one more bucket of fries
And ride on the ferris wheel
And say goodbye to summer.

I can't believe it's September
Summer went by so fast
We've been dating for two months
No one thought it would last
You and me are so different
You're a National Honor student
I'm on probation for car theft
And yet we seem to get along okay

Until I noticed you were looking over your shoulder as if you were hoping to see your friends
And holding my hand as if it was something disgusting

How about a deep-fried Butterfinger
And a bucket of onion rings
And a ride on the ferris wheel
And say goodbye to summer.

We were walking to the ferris wheel
And you said, "Look over there"
And I paid three dollars to stand
At the free throw line.
And I made three free throws
And I shot some more
And won a giant panda
Turned around and you were gone.

So I'm riding the ferris wheel alone, I'm just a guy with a bear on his lap
And I'm looking all over the Fairgrounds hoping to see you

I can only afford two more rides
I forget where my car is parked
I'm feeling a little bit sick
And goodbye to summer.

One more time, one more time
One more time, one time around
One more time, one more time
And it's goodbye to summer.

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