SFX script
Saturday, October 22, 2005

Garrison Keillor: The alarm goes off (HARSH BUZZER, TR AWAKES) and you wake up in your lonely studio apartment with the cold winds moaning in the windows (WIND) facing another horrible day of running with the other rats (RATS) and you (TR SOBBING: Why? Why do I, an English major, waste my days and weeks writing tripe and hogwash for idiots and cretins?) You take a shower (SHOWER) and eat your bran cereal (CRUNCHING) as you (TV AUDIO) watch the news which leaves you numb with horror and then you drive to work (HORNS) through the same carnival of idiots and psychopaths (HORN, TR: Jerk!!! BRAKES SCREECH ) and you get to the offices of the Associated Federation of Organizations and you join the parade of zombies (DULL VOICES) going to their cubicles and you sit in yours (CLICKING OF KEYS) writing meaningless memos that nobody will ever read.

Tim Russell (TO HIMSELF): The need to be proactive in the programming input process...

Old Sweet Songs: A Prairie Home Companion 1974-1976

Old Sweet Songs

Lovingly selected from the earliest archives of A Prairie Home Companion, this heirloom collection represents the music from earliest years of the now legendary show: 1974–1976. With songs and tunes from jazz pianist Butch Thompson, mandolin maestro Peter Ostroushko, Dakota Dave Hull and the first house band, The Powdermilk Biscuit Band (Adam Granger, Bob Douglas and Mary DuShane).

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