December 24, 2005
This weekend we'll gather East and West in a joyful Christmas broadcast from the Town Hall in New York City. With special guests: the legendary Blues singer Odetta, three brilliant voices from the Metropolitan and New York City Operas—Janez Lotric and Jennifer Rivera. Also featuring Czech father and daughter duo, Stanislav and Kristina Kotyza. And from the Ukraine, the Paulishyn sisters—ages eleven and thirteen—accompanied by Alla Kutsevych on the amazing Bandura (the national instrument of Ukraine). All of this, plus the Royal Academy of Radio Acting, The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band with Andy Stein, and the News from Lake Wobegon. Join us, for a packed sleigh ride this Christmas Eve!

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Segment 1
00:00:13Tishomingo Blues, opening credits
00:02:03GK opens, talks about the transit strike, tonight's guests
00:04:26GK introduces the Pavlishyn Sisters
00:05:28"A New Happiness Becomes" - the Pavlishyn Sisters and Alla Kutsevych
00:08:18GK introduces Janez Lotric
00:11:15"Look, the Stars of God"/"There is the Manger" - Janez Lotric
Segment 2
00:15:35GK intros Kristina and Stanislav Kotyza
00:18:20"She Wants the Baby To Sleep" - Kristina and Stanislav Kotyza
00:21:45GK talks with Jennifer Rivera about her Christmas
00:23:20"O Holy Night" - Jennifer Rivera and Rachelle Jonck
00:27:00GK introduces Odetta
00:27:47"Mary Had A Baby" - Odetta and Seth Farber
00:30:04Powdermilk Biscuit Break/"Deck the Halls"/"Hanukah in Santa Monica"
00:33:01GK introduces Gio Gaynor, subway ukulele player
00:34:55"Sweet Child O' Mine" - Gio Gaynor and Shoe Band
00:39:08Guy Noir script
Segment 3
00:53:57GK talks to Odetta
00:55:00Odetta reads a quote by Nelson Mandela
00:56:30"This Little Light of Mine" - Odetta and Seth Farber
Segment 4
01:03:30Welcome Back to the Second Half, greetings
01:06:45"Limericks" - GK and Richard Dworsky
01:09:32"Wintertime" - Jennifer Rivera, Richard Dworsky, Andy Stein, and Gary Raynor
01:12:10Wonderful Life script
01:14:47Monk script
01:17:47"The Little Drummer Boy" - GK and Shoe Band
01:20:12"Crazy Mixed-Up Christmas" - Pat Donohue and Shoe Band
01:24:40GK brings back Alla Kutsevych and the Pavlishyn Sisters
01:25:37"Strange News" - Pavlishyn Sisters and Alla Kutsevych
Segment 5
01:27:43GK brings Janez Lotric back
01:29:07"What Happened to All the Shepherds"/"Angels Sing on Heaven" - Janez Lotric and Lenart Krecic
01:33:20"How Beautiful You Are Baby Jesus" - Kristina and Stanislav Kotyza
01:35:27GK brings out Odetta
01:36:00"What Month Was Jesus Born In" - Odetta
01:38:57News From Lake Wobegon, credits, "Silent Night"

Photos from the show
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Enlarge photo Enlarge photo
Garrison Keillor introduces Janez Lotric "O Holy Night" as performed by Jennifer Rivera
Enlarge photo Enlarge photo
Production Assistant extraordinaire, Sarah Mroue Gio Gaynor, subway musician, with "Sweet Child O' Mine"
Enlarge photo Enlarge photo
Pat Donohue, backed up on the sax by Andy Stein on "Crazy Mixed-Up Christmas" Garrison Keillor with The News from Lake Wobegon.

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