December 31, 2005
This Saturday, from the Fitzgerald Theater, we'll attempt a feat many thought impossible. A New Year's Eve triple play. Our first show will feature the formidable talents of Butch Thompson, Duke Heitger, Howard Levy, Andy Stein, Sally Dworsky, and poet laureate Billy Collins, along with The Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band and the Royal Academy of Radio Acting. Afterwards, Garrison will host a gala dinner party for a few hundred of our beloved listeners, while we Web cast some of the best New Years material from the past. Then, we'll be back for a special late night show (10 pm–1 am CST), featuring all of the early cast, completely new material, plus singers Jearlyn Steele and Suzanne Ohlman. With the help of some B vitamins, an espresso machine, and pure oxygen, we're going to party like it's 1999. Again.

Listen to all 8 hours of New Year's Eve from A Prairie Home Companion.

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Segment 1
00:00:13Tishomingo Blues, opening credits
00:02:21GK opens, talks about New Year's Eve, various years according to various calendars
00:03:23"I Like It Like That" - Pat Donohue and women's quintet
00:05:36GK talks about Eubie Blake
00:06:01"Bandana Days" - Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
00:09:00GK remembers that New Year's Eve is a good night for babysitting
00:09:33"Leaves That Are Green Turned to Brown" (Drunk lyrics) - GK and Pat
Segment 2
00:12:26Rhubarb script
00:17:12"Art is Calling For Me" - Maria Jette and Dan Chouinard
00:21:11GK intros Billy Collins
00:23:00Billy Collins reads 'The Trouble With Poetry'
00:25:20Billy Collins reads 'The Lanyard'
00:28:04Billy Collins reads 'Flock'
00:28:59"Howlin' For My Darlin'" - Pat Donohue and Shoe Band
00:31:54Powdermilk Biscuit Break
00:33:18SFX script, with Tom Keith
Segment 3
00:43:08GK introduces Jearlyn Steele
00:43:25"Gonna Build A Mountain" - Jearlyn Steele and band
00:45:19Guy Noir script
00:57:50GK announces intermission/"Linger Awhile"
Segment 4
01:02:00Welcome Back to the Second Half, greetings
01:04:02Bush script
01:08:04"Sidewalk Blues" - Howard Levy and Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
01:13:30"All The Good Times Are Passed and Gone" - GK and Prudence
01:16:30Catchup script
01:19:45"What's Good About Goodbye" - Suzanne Ohlmann
01:23:27GK introduces Butch, Duke, band
01:24:41"Aintcha Got Music" - Butch Thompson, Duke Heitger
Segment 5
01:27:00GK talks with Billy Collins
01:29:24Billy Reads 'The Revenant'
01:31:50"Why Don't You Love Me" - Billy Collins, Prudence Johnson, and band
01:34:22Club script
01:35:48"What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?" - Sally Dworsky and band
01:38:48News From Lake Wobegon
01:52:26"Body & Soul" - Butch Thompson, piano and Duke Heitger, trumpet
01:55:46Credits, "Having A Party" closer
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Listen to the late show
In its entirety
Listen to the whole late show, broadcast on December 31, 2005.
In segments
Play individual show segments as listed below.

Segment 1
00:00:15GK opens New Year's Eve broadcast, talks about New Year's Eve as a holiday
00:03:28"Oh Lady Be Good"/"Lulu's Back in Town" - Pat Donohue, GK, band
00:06:03"As Time Goes By" - Sally Dworsky, live audience, band
00:08:48GK intros Jearlyn and the other women
00:09:05"A Fool in Love" - Jearlyn Steele, women's quintet, band
00:11:58GK talks to Prudence Johnson
00:12:48"Lazy River" - Prudence Johnson and band
Segment 2
00:16:18GK talks to Duke and Butch about the next tune
00:17:05"Shake it and Break it" - Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
00:20:15RCA script
00:21:53"K.C. Moan" - Pat Donohue and band
00:25:22"Coffee Jingle" - GK, Jearlyn
00:26:24GK brings up the women's quintet
00:26:46"Chain of Fools chorus" - women's quintet and band
00:27:35Virtue script (part 1)
00:33:08"Will You Love Me When I'm Old" - GK/ Rich
00:35:14"Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms"
Segment 3
00:36:34GK intros next tune
00:36:50"Wang Wang Blues" - Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
00:40:16GK and Sally talk about the next tune
00:40:41"Lazy" - Sally Dworsky and band
00:43:28GK introduces Billy Collins
00:44:20Billy Collins reads 'Eastern Standard Time'
00:46:52Billy Collins dedicates and reads 'The Country'
00:48:55Billy Collins reads 'No Time'
00:49:50"High Society" - Pat Donohue
Segment 4
00:52:25GK talks to Michael, from Scotts Valley, CA
00:54:00"Lean On Me" - Jearlyn Steele, band, live audience
00:56:40GK talks about watching the ball drop in Times Square on television
01:00:01"Auld Lang Syne" (hum)
01:01:09"Auld Lang Syne" (full band)
01:02:36"Chain of Fools" (chorus) - Women's Quintet
01:03:17Virtue script (part 2)
01:07:20"My Way" - Audience
Segment 5
01:12:34GK talks to Steve, who was just singing
01:13:20"I Like It Like That" - Pat Donohue and women's quintet
01:17:35GK intros Howard Levy
01:18:08"Rhumba in A minor" - Howard Levy and band
01:20:40"Modest Maid" - Maria Jette and Dan Chouinard
01:24:10"She is More to Be Pitied Than Censured" - GK, Prudence, Rich, Andy
01:25:48GK intros Butch Thompson
01:26:55"I Got Rhythm" - Rich, Butch, Dan
Segment 6
01:30:09GK talks to Jearlyn
01:30:30"Sittin' on the Dock of The Bay" - Jearlyn Steele, Prudence Johnson, band
01:33:33"Having A Party" - Women's Quintet and Shoe Band
01:36:55GK talks to Billy Collins
01:37:40Billy Collins reads 'Ballistics'
01:39:20Billy intros and reads 'Litany'
01:42:15Billy intros and reads 'Surprise'
01:43:41Billy Collins reads 'New Year's Day'
01:45:43"Come On" - Pat Donohue and band
Segment 7
01:49:08GK invites the dancers to stay on stage, greetings
01:52:52"Stand By Me" - Jearlyn, band, live audience
01:57:10GK talks about resolutions
01:59:00"Auld Lang Syne"
02:03:50"I Found A New Baby" - Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
02:08:22GK intros Rich Dworsky
02:08:50"Dr. Wang" - Rich Dworsky and Butch Thompson
02:11:35"We're Going Down" - GK, Rich
Segment 8
02:13:27"Seems Like Old Times" - Prudence Johnson and Dan Chouinard
02:16:06GK talks to Sally about her kids
02:16:43"Stay Awake" - Sally Dworsky, Richard Dworsky, Gary Raynor, and Howard Levy
02:19:46GK talks with Sarah, from the American University of Paris
02:22:14GK talks to Bill and Lucy, who are going to get married
02:23:38"Hello Young Lovers" - Suzanne Ohlmann, Rich Dworsky, Gary Raynor
02:26:58Bertha's spot
02:27:43"Rossini Cat Duet" - Maria Jette, Suzanne Ohlmann, and Dan Chouinard
Segment 9
02:30:40GK talks about "if you see something, say something" with Billy Collins
02:31:45Billy Collins recites 'Dancing Toward Bethlehem' for Steve the baggage handler
02:33:19Billy talks about majoring in death, recites 'On Turning 10'
02:36:20Billy Collins recites 'Fool Me Good'
02:38:13GK brings Jearlyn Steele back
02:38:33"This Little Light of Mine" - Jearlyn Steele and band
Segment 10
02:42:05GK talks to Duke Heitger about the steamboats in New Orleans
02:42:43"Rhythm Man" - Duke Heitger and Butch Thompson
02:45:41GK talks about our five fine women
02:46:30"Chain of Fools" - Women's Quintet, band
02:48:10GK recites his New Year's poem
02:48:44"Dinah" - Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
02:52:50"A Fool Such As I" - GK and band
02:54:30"God Bless America" - GK, Women, audience

Photos from the show
Click images to view slideshow. (Photos taken by Andrea McAvey)

Enlarge photo Enlarge photo
Just moments before the curtain rises backstage at the Fitz The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
Enlarge photo Enlarge photo
Maria Jette sings "Art is Calling for Me," accompanied by Dan Chouinard. Billy Collins reads his poem "The Lanyard."
Enlarge photo Enlarge photo
The Royal Academy of Radio Actors with the Guy Noir script A spectral staging for the "Catchup" script.

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  • Duke Heitger
  • Howard Levy
  • Prudence Johnson
  • Jearlyn Steele
  • Billy Collins
  • Sally Dworsky
  • Dan Chouinard
  • Maria Jette
  • Suzanne Ohlmann
  • Guest Recordings
  • Sally Dworsky
  • Butch Thompson
  • Duke Heitger
  • Howard Levy
  • Prudence Johnson
  • Maria Jette

  • Scripts
  • Rhubarb script
  • SFX script
  • Guy Noir script
  • Bush script
  • Catchup script
  • Club script
  • RCA script
  • Virtue script
  • Lyrics
  • Drunk

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