January 7, 2006
This week, we're on a deeply needed vacation. So, for this Saturday, we produced a special encore performance from January, 2005. Featuring "Country's most explosive hillbilly band" BR549, the magic fingers of Dan Chouinard, and singers Sally Dworsky and Prudence Johnson. Drummer Peter Johnson sits in with the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, The Royal Academy of Radio Acting is at its best, and Garrison talks about winter, the holiday aftermath, and gets into trouble with Lutherans.

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Segment 1
00:00:12Tishomingo Blues
00:01:41GK opens, talks about how cold it is, childhood obession with pump handles
00:04:42"I Think of You" - GK and Shoe Band
00:07:12GK introduces BR549
00:08:10"Little Ramona" - BR549
00:11:16"Cajun Persuasion" - BR549
Segment 2
00:14:57Dry script
00:16:27Gk talks with Pat Donohue about roadhouses
00:17:25"All-Star Boogie" - Shoe Band
00:21:08Tonsil script
00:27:24"Chains" - GK, Prudence Johnson, Sally Dworsky, Pat Donohue, Shoe Band
00:29:43Powdermilk Biscuit Break
00:31:25GK talks to Prudence Johnson
00:32:57"Vodka" - Prudence Johnson and Dan Chouinard
Segment 3
00:35:53English Majors script
00:39:06"Broken Bicycles" - Sally Dworsky
00:42:33The News from Lake Wobegon
00:57:57"Crackerjack" - BR549
01:02:11Intermission/"Hey Good Lookin'" - Shoe Band
Segment 4
01:06:18Greetings/Welcome to 2nd half of show
01:12:22"Going Steady" - BR549
01:15:20"Freezin'" - Pat Donohue and Shoe Band
01:19:38Guy Noir script
01:29:56"Start it All Over Again" - Sally and Rich Dworsky with Dan Chouinard
01:33:20Listener Mailbag script
Segment 5
01:43:49"Rescue Cat" - GK and Shoe Band
01:47:56"A Fool in Love" - Jearlyn Steele, GK and Shoe Band
01:51:25GK brings BR549 back out
01:52:48"I Got the Bull by the Horns" - BR549
01:57:28"Chains reprise"/Closer

Photos from the show
Click images to view slideshow. (Photos taken by Melissa Sperl)

BR549's Chuck Mead, with "Little Ramona." Sound-effects guy Tom Keith.
Prudence Johnson with "Vodka." Sally Dworsky, singing "Broken Bicycles."
Four-hands piano with Rich Dworsky and Dan Chouinard. The song: "Dr. Wang." BR549, with the "I've Got The Bull By The Horns."

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  • John Niemann
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  • Jearlyn Steele
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  • Sally Dworsky

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  • Tonsil script
  • English Majors script
  • Guy Noir script
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