February 25, 2006
Lately, we've been feeling some nostalgia for the days when we traveled Minnesota in a borrowed Winnebago with Tom Keith at the wheel, 12 quarts of chili & beans on the stove, and a pile of guitars and drums strapped to the roof. So, this week we're motoring up to Glenwood, Minnesota to do a show, just like we used to, at the Lakeside Ballroom. Featuring Prairie Home old-timers: Butch Thompson, Peter Ostroushko, Adam Granger, and Prudence Johnson, as well as the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, the Royal Academy of Radio Acting, and the News from Lake Wobegon. There'll be dinner, dancing, and ice-fishing, this week on a Prairie Home Companion.

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Segment 1
00:00:11Tishomingo Blues
00:02:36GK opens, talks about Glenwood
00:04:02"Ice Fishin' Blues" - Pat Donohue and GASB
00:06:22GK talks about the Lakeside ballroom, Glenwood
00:07:28"Clarinet Polka" - Dan Chouinard and Shoe Band
00:09:56"The Waltz You Saved For Me" - GK and Prudence Johnson
00:12:17"Doin' The New Lowdown" - Butch Thompson and Shoe Band
00:15:04SFX script
00:21:52"I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" - GK and band
00:25:05"At The End of A Long Lonely Day" - GK, Prudence, band
00:29:03GK talks more about dancing in the ballroom, how we should do this more often
00:29:39Powdermilk Biscuit Break
Segment 2
00:31:27Guy Noir script
00:42:53"Sheik of Araby" - Adam Granger and band
00:44:59"Johan Pa Snippen" - Shoe Band
00:46:35The Story of Bob script
00:56:31"Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor" - Pat Donohue and band
00:59:45Intermission/"Some of These Days"
Segment 3
01:09:01Disguise script
01:12:37"One More Spring" - GK, Prudence, band
01:15:40GK talks about Glenwood
01:21:55"New Smyrna Beach Serenade" - Peter Ostroushko and band
01:25:41Catchup script
01:27:39GK intros Bill Hinkley and Judy Larson
01:31:41"The Barnyard Dance" - Bill and Judy
Segment 4
01:34:57News From Lake Wobegon
Segment 5
01:51:01"The Pearls" - Butch Thompson
01:54:53Credits, Let's Have a Party closer

Photos from the show
Click images to view slideshow. (Photos taken by Russ Ringsak and Thomas Schuezger)

Residents huddle around a fire to listen to the show. Peter Ostroushko brings his violin and mandolin to this week's show.
Dan Chouinard tickles the keys of his "squeezebox" Sue Scott is shocked, shocked I tell you, by the racy script
Tom Keith gets hungry during the show Judy Larson joins us this week with her husband Bill Hinkley

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