April 8, 2006
This week we continue our Minneapolis micro-tour with a big show at the Orpheum Theater (a famous vaudeville house, where a ticket to see the Marx Brothers was only 47 cents!), featuring blazing Country star Brad Paisley, VocalEssence with choirmaster Philip Brunelle, and the dulcet vocal tones of Prudence Johnson. Also with us, the Royal Academy of Radio Acting: Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Tom Keith, the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, and much more. Join us on the Westside this Saturday, where we can leave the 20-foot neon "APPLAUSE" signs on the truck and people still cheer.

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Segment 1
00:00:14Tishomingo Blues
00:02:42GK talks about spring
00:03:22"Gettin' it Done" - Shoe Band and Brad Paisley
00:06:30"John Henry" - GK/Shoe Band/Brad Paisley
00:10:26Spring script (with "Tiptoe Through the Tulips," "Chapel of Love," "The Birds and the Bees," "Spring in Minnesota")
00:20:23"Spring Wind" - Prudence Johnson and Shoe Band
00:23:28"Wimoweh" - Angela Young Smucker and VocalEssence
00:24:50Catchup script
00:27:57Powdermilk Biscuit Break
Segment 2
00:30:00GK introduces Brad Paisley
00:31:11"Cigar Song" - Brad Paisley
00:34:21Brad intros next tune
00:34:40"Make A Mistake With Me" - Brad Paisley
00:37:34Prudence and GK talk about Gene Pitney's passing
00:38:19"Hello Mary Lou" - Prudence Johnson, Pat Donohue, GK, and Shoe Band
00:40:20Guy Noir script, with Brad Paisley
00:58:56GK introduces 'Take Me Out to The Ball Game'
00:59:40"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (Wagner)
01:00:58"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (Tchaikovsky)
01:02:28"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" - VocalEssence
01:03:26"San Antonio Rose"/Intermission
Segment 3
01:11:25"Younger Than Springtime" - VocalEssence women
01:12:56GK introduces the next song
01:13:45"Love Song" (Guastavino) - VocalEssence
01:16:05GK talks about the Orpheum Theatre, VocalEssence underscore
01:19:41Ruth Harrison script
01:25:28"Waiting For You" - Shoe Band with Brad Paisley
01:28:16GK talks with Brad Paisley
01:29:16"I'm Gonna Miss Her" - Brad Paisley
01:31:52"Alcohol" - Brad Paisley
Segment 4
01:35:34The News From Lake Wobegon (with VocalEssence, "Mary Jo" and "One More Spring in Minnesota")
Segment 5
01:54:23"Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most" - Prudence Johnson and Shoes
01:56:55Credits, "Gutbucket" closer - Shoe Band and Brad Paisley

Photos from the show
Click images to view slideshow. (Photos taken by Andrea McAvey)

It's about twenty minutes before the curtain goes up. The stage is set and the sound engineers perform their last round of checks on equipment. Garrison sings "John Henry" for all the English majors out there.
The Catchup Ensemble: Tim Russell, Sue Scott and Rich Dworsky. A radiant Prudence Johnson.
Tom Keith "walks" down a corridor. Brad Paisley "really wants to direct" in the latest installment of "Guy Noir."

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  • Prudence Johnson
  • John Niemann
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  • VocalEssence
  • Prudence Johnson

  • Scripts
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  • Catchup script
  • Guy Noir script
  • Ruth Harrison script
  • Lyrics
  • John Henry
  • Tip Toe Through the Tulips
  • Mary Jo
  • One More Spring in Minnesota

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