April 29, 2006
This week, we'll run with Coyotes at the University of South Dakotaís Dakota Dome. Itís a special show utilizing dozens of historical musical instruments on loan from the National Music Museum at USD. Featured guests include The New Custer Brass Band, singer Becky Schlegel, USD faculty cellist & pianist Nick Curry and Susan Gray, plus Pat Donohue and Tim Sparks will explore the history of the guitar, playing their way through a collection that would make Andres Segovia light-headed. Also with us, the Royal Academy of Radio Acting; Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman, The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, and much more. Live this Saturday on A Prairie Home Companion.

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Segment 1
00:00:15Tishomingo Blues
00:02:50GK opens, talks about Vermillion, Congress investigating oil prices, rain, historical music instruments
00:05:40GK talks about vintage guitars from the museum, Pat Donohue and Tim Sparks play them
00:08:25GK talks about the "King" cello, recites "Ode to the Cello," intros Nick Curry and Susan Gray
00:10:11Nick Curry - Bach solo
00:14:36"Early" - Becky Schlegel and Garrison Keillor
00:17:55Cowboys script
00:26:56GK introduces the New Custer Brass Band
00:27:20"Yankee Notion Overture" - New Custer Brass Band
00:28:45Brass (Lewis & Clark) script, "Hail Columbia"
00:32:46GK talks about Felix Vinatieri
00:33:17Powdermilk Biscuit Break
00:34:45GK talks about the town of Vermillion
00:35:23DakotaDome script
00:39:41University of South Dakota Fight song
Segment 2
00:40:20"Nine Pound Hammer" - Pat Donohue and Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, Pat and Tim Sparks talk about vintage guitars
00:46:42Guy Noir script
00:56:19GK talks about Felix Vinatieri, "Black Hills Picnic Quickstep" - New Custer Brass Band
00:58:30More Vinatieri talk
00:59:22"Grand March" - New Custer Brass Band
01:01:41Vinatieri talk, talks with Norbert Vinatieri
01:03:53Intermission/"I'll See You in My Dreams"
Segment 3
01:11:46Fields of Gold" - GK/Becky Schlegel/Shoe Band
01:14:53GK talks with Nick Curry
01:16:00"Cello Sonata" / Chopin - Nick Curry and Susan Gray
Segment 4
01:19:59News From Lake Wobegon
Segment 5
01:32:09"Bound to Run For Tennessee" - Becky Schlegel and band
01:35:41GK talks about Laura Ingalls Wilder
01:37:47"In the Sweet By an By"/"Golden Years"/"Love's Old Sweet Song" - GK/Becky Schlegel
01:42:05GK talks more with Nick Curry
01:43:44"Sicilienne" - Nick Curry and Susan Gray
01:47:19Pat and Tim play more guitars, "Two-Tone Stomp," "Folsom Prison Blues," "Long, Long Ago"
01:53:16Thank you to South Dakota guests
01:54:00"Fier Krakers Polka" - New Custer Brass Band (with Fred Newman)
01:55:32Credits/"America the Beautiful"

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Photos from the show
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Fred Newman watches the New Custer Brass Band rehearse Cellist Nick Curry and pianist Susan Gray (in the background) during rehearsal
The New Custer Brass Band bring us the "Yankee Notion Overture" Becky Schlegel warms up in rehearsal
Fred Newman works his magic Nick Curry enchants us with a Bach solo

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