July 15, 2006
This week on A Prairie Home Companion, it's another fine summertime re-broadcast. Featuring the best of our 2004 broadcast from Wolf Trap National Park, just outside of Washington, D.C. and from the "other" Washington, highlights from our broadcast from Marymoor Park that same year. Featured guests include tunesmith Kelly Joe Phelps, harmonica wizard Howard Levy, jazz singer Inga Swearingen, radioman Bob Edwards, and the U.S. Army Brass Quintet, who'll boggle the mind with their version of “The Flight of the Bumblebee”. Also with us, the Royal Academy of Radio Acting: Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman, the Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band, and in Lake Wobegon we’ll hear about the perils of inattentive driving, and a fire and brimstone preacher with a very bad wig. All coming up on this week's show!

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Segment 1
00:00:13Tishomingo Blues
00:00:57GK intros
00:02:49"Summertime" - Inga Swearingen
00:04:19Duct Tape script (with Bob Edwards)
00:06:46GK intros the U.S. Army Brass
00:07:28"Flight of the Bumblebee" - U.S. Army Brass
00:09:57Radio script (with Bob Edwards)
00:21:18"Summer Days" - GK and Shoes
00:24:54"Howard's Rag" - Howard Levy and Shoes
00:27:59Rhubarb script
00:31:07Powdermilk Biscuit Break
Segment 2
00:33:32"Cicada Song" - GK and Shoes
00:35:51"Three Crows" - Peter Ostroushko and Shoe Band
00:39:29GK talks about Redmond and Marymoor
00:40:07The Lives of the Cowboys script
01:50:25GK introduces Kelly Joe Phelps
00:51:31"Tommy" - Kelly Joe Phelps
00:57:49"A Touch of the Past" - Hopeful Gospel Quartet and Shoe Band
01:00:44Intermission - "Some of These Days"
Segment 3
01:05:03 "The Star-Spangled Banner" - GK, U.S. Army Brass
01:06:45GK introduces Kelly Joe Phelps
01:07:36"Window Grin" - Kelly Joe Phelps
01:10:57Guy Noir script (with Bob Edwards)
01:21:54Laugh script
01:23:20"My Heart Goes With You" - Richard Dworsky, Howard Levy, and Gary Raynor
Segment 4
01:25:34News from Lake Wobegon
Segment 5
01:43:20"Choro" - Peter Ostroushko and Guy's All Star Shoe Band
01:47:06"I Couldn't Keep it to Myself" - HGQ and Shoe Band
01:48:44Catchup script
01:52:50"My Spirit Be Joyful" - U.S. Army Brass
01:55:51"March Song" - GK, Shoe Band, U.S. Army Brass

Photos from the show
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Peter OstroushkoMarymoor Amphitheatre
Sue Scott, Tim Russell and Fred NewmanBrass quintet

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  • Kelly Joe Phelps
  • Peter Ostroushko
  • Hopeful Gospel Quartet
  • Howard Levy
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  • Robin and Linda Williams
  • Peter Ostroushko
  • Howard Levy

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  • Radio script
  • Rhubarb script
  • The Lives of the Cowboys script
  • Guy Noir script
  • Laugh script
  • Catchup script
  • Lyrics
  • Summertime
  • Cicada Song
  • Summer Days

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