August 26, 2006
This week on A Prairie Home Companion, it's jokes, jokes and more jokes: Ole and Lena jokes, light bulb jokes, blonde jokes, man-walks-into-a-bar jokes, knock-knock jokes, lawyer jokes... You get the idea. It is our special Joke Show compilation broadcast, (from April and November of 2004) featuring Paula Poundstone and Roy Blount, Jr. Paula bravely steps to the mic for a duet with Garrison about friendship, and Roy appears as a "Cowboy Consultant" in an episode of The Lives of the Cowboys. The King of the Bass Sax, Vince Giordano, sings a great old Jelly Roll Morton song called the "Hyena Stomp." And Spider John Koerner sings about his early, rebellious days back in the 60's with a song called "Good Time Charlie." In Lake Wobegon, there was talk of renovating Wally, the talking Walleye. And Arlene Bunsen had to send letters of apology to everyone who came to her Easter dinner. More about that this weekend, along with some great music from The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band and expertly delivered jokes from The Royal Academy of Radio Actors: Sue Scott, Tim Russell and Tom Keith.

Inspired? Read more jokes that are pretty good, and submit some of your own. >>

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Segment 1
00:00:13Tishomingo Blues
00:00:56GK Intro
00:03:11"Downtown Breakdown" - Pat Donohue and Shoes
00:05:34GK reads jokes from email submissions
00:11:39"Hyena Stomp" - Vince Giordano and Shoes
00:14:00GK introduces Paula Poundstone and tells jokes
00:20:22Catchup script
00:23:15Cowboys script
00:34:15Powdermilk break, with "Let Us Break Bread Together" - Jearlyn Steele, GK and Shoes
Segment 2
00:37:36GK reads more joke submissions
00:40:58"Knock, Knock" - Andy Stein and Shoes
00:43:59GK reads jokes, introduces "Spider” John Koerner
00:47:28"The Fox" - John Koerner
00:50:22Guy Noir script
01:03:13Intermission/"Stone's Rag" - Shoes
01:06:55GK Welcome back to second half
01:07:30"While We're Young" - GK and Shoes
Segment 3
01:09:12The News from Lake Wobegon
Segment 4
01:24:10"Long Time No See" - Pat Donohue and Shoes
01:26:45GK reads more email jokes
01:27:29"Bright Side" - Pat Donohue and Shoes
01:30:07GK reads more email jokes
01:31:39"Henay Mah Tov" - Jearlyn Steele, GK and Shoes
01:33:13Jokes segment
Segment 5
01:36:18"Good Time Charlie" - John Koerner and Andy Stein
01:38:45Jokes segment 2
01:52:24"Friendship" - Paula Poundstone and GK w/Shoes
01:55:13Ole and Lena joke
01:56:37"Goodnight Ladies” Closer
01:57:00GK Credits
01:57:54"Hyena Stomp” Reprise Closer

Photos from the show
Click images to view slideshow. (Photos taken by Kelly Schaub and Melissa Sperl)

Paula Poundstone Sue Scott and Tim Russell
Violinist Andy Stein and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band set knock-knock jokes to music. Garrison Keillor tells some pretty good jokes sent in by listeners over e-mail.
Garrison Keillor as Guy Noir, with actors Sue Scott and Tim Russell (center) and sound-effects man Tom Keith (right). "Spider" John Koerner singing "Goodtime Charlie" with The Guys All-Star Shoe Band.

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