We're Going Down lyrics
Saturday, September 2, 2006

We're going down
We're going down
We're going down to the old fairgrounds, boys,
And walk around and look for girls.

They're long and tall
They got blonde hair
They're seventeen and right off the farm, boys
And they're looking for guys like us.

We got our shades
Our black t-shirts
We drew tattoos on our hands
We look like we play in a band

There's two right there
They're in 4-H
One of em is carrying a chicken
Let's head for the Penny Arcade.

When we see 'em
We'll walk right by 'em
We'll be cool, cause that's how we are
They'll come running
And ask where we're going
And maybe they will offer us a ride.

We're at the Fair,
It's Saturday night
We got our shades and these cool tattoos
And how could any girl refuse?


It's ten o'clock
It's getting late
No girls have been looking our way, boys
So I think it's time I said goodbye.

They're looking at me
Then they see you
And they get a funny look on their faces
So I'm gonna head out on my own.

When I see 'em
I'll walk right by 'em
I'll be cool, cause that's how I am
They'll come running
And ask where I'm going
And probably they'll offer me a ride.

I'm at the Fair,
It's Saturday night
I got my shades and I'm walking tall, boys
And who would know I come from St. Paul?

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