The Waffle Song lyrics
Saturday, December 16, 2006

Here we come a-waffling
Among the leaves so green,
Here we come, our teeth are brushed,
Our clothes are nice and clean.
Love and joy come to you,
And to you your waffle, too,
And God bless you, and send you
A Happy New Year,
And God send you a Happy New Year.

We are not daily beggars
Who go from door to door,
But we are rather tired
And our feet are sore. (CHO)

Good master and good mistress,
As you sit beside the fire,
Pray think of us old folks
About to retire. (CHO)

We have a little pension fund,
We're hoping it will pay
So make a contribution
And we will go away. (CHO)

Bring us out a table
And spread it with a cloth;
And bring us out some noodles
Cooked in chicken broth. (CHO)

God bless the master of this house,
Likewise the mistress too;
And may they never get a call
From Internal Revenue. (CHO)

We sit and drink another glass
And partake of the grape
And lean a little to the left
To let the wind escape.(CHO)

How lovely on a winter night
Amid the dark and gloom
To see that dinner's ready
In the dining room. (CHO)

We'll sit down at the table
With napkins round our necks.
And then go see a movie
At the multiplex. (CHO)

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