December 23, 2006
This week on A Prairie Home Companion, it's our annual New York Christmas broadcast. Like a 10ft. Douglas fir laden with dazzling ornaments, we'll have an abundance of brilliant talent, including the most celebrated figure in folk music, Odetta, Broadway behemoth Walter Bobbie, conductor and pianist Rob Fisher, and Tony Award winning actress-singer Kristin Chenoweth. Plus, we'll welcome a very special mystery guest, a noted American composer, who will premiere an original holiday opus for neglected orchestral instruments. Also with us, the Royal Academy of Radio Acting: Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman. Sitting in with The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, fiddler on the loose, Andy Stein. Join us this Saturday for a special holiday show from the Town Hall on West 43rd street.

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Segment 1
00:00:13"Tishomingo Blues" - GK, Shoes
00:02:37GK welcomes, talks about Christmas
00:06:28"Christmas at the Jailhouse" (to the tune of "Mother Was a Lady") - GK, shoes
00:09:22Cell Script
00:11:28Peter Schickele introduces the quartet
00:13:02"O Little Town of Hackensack" - Peter Schickele Vocal Quartet
00:15:23"Wise" (to the tune of "We Three Kings") - GK, Walter Bobbie, Tim Russell, Shoes
00:17:01Mrs. Claus Script
00:20:56Brain Script
00:25:22"Christmas Blues" - Pat Donohue and the Shoes
00:29:15Powdermilk Biscuit Theme Break with "Gloria In Excelsis" and "Holiday Hoedown" - GK, Schickele Vocal Quartet, Shoes
Segment 2
00:32:50GK intros Kristin Chenoweth
00:33:28"What Makes Me Love Him" from "The Apple Tree" - Kristin Chenoweth with Rob Fisher
00:35:55GK talks with Kristin
00:38:24"Come on Ring Those Bells" - Kristin Chenoweth, Rob Fisher, Shoes
00:41:08Guy Noir Script
00:56:40"Poor Little Jesus" - Odetta with Seth Farber
00:59:37"O Jerusalem" - Odetta with Seth Farber and Shoes, GK, and Audience
01:03:57Intermission/"Jingle Bell Rock" - Shoes
Segment 3
01:08:05GK Welcomes Back
01:08:18"Ginger" (to the tune of "We Three Kings") - GK, Shoes
01:13:06"Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" - GK, Walter Bobbie, Shoes
01:16:00Peter Schickele Intro
01:20:29"Joy to the World Especially Out of Work Musicians" - Peter Schickele Ensemble
Segment 4
01:26:10Ketchup Script
01:29:38GK talks with Walter Bobbie about Poland
01:32:16Polish Songs with Walter Bobbie, Shoes, and the Peter Schickele Vocal Quartet
01:34:50GK talks with Odetta
01:35:47"Go Tell It on the Mountain" - Odetta with Seth Farber, the Audience and the Shoes
01:39:12"O Jerusalem" Reprise - Odetta, GK, Seth Farber, Shoes
Segment 5
01:40:49The News From Lake Wobegon with "O Holy Night" - GK, Shoes, Peter Schickele Vocal Quartet
01:54:35"Silent Night" - GK, Peter Schickele Vocal Quartet, Shoes, Audience
01:56:54Credits and Closer - "Joy to the World" - Shoes

Photos from the show
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The Peter Schickele Vocal Quartet bring us "O Little Town of Hackensack" Soundman Fred Newman can't hide his shoe fetish
Kristin Chenoweth, with Rob Fisher, tells us to "Come On Ring Those Bells" Erica Rhodes joins the acting company as Sheila Nelson in the Guy Noir script
GK talks to Odetta GK talks to Walter Bobbie about Poland

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