February 3, 2007
"Humor is the ability or quality of people, objects, or situations to evoke feelings of amusement in other people. The term encompasses a form of entertainment or human communication which evokes such feelings, or which makes people laugh or feel happy." - Wikipedia

Producing an eighth Joke Show is a lofty goal, our interns have lost weight (and some hair) over the last few weeks, but they actually found some funny jokes we haven't used in the past, so here goes nothing. This week on A Prairie Home Companion, it's jokes, jokes, and more jokes. Jokes read by professional radio actors, willing to sacrifice their dignity for the greater good of giggling, guffawing, and groaning. The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band will be joined by Dan Newton and Andy Stein, with a new batch of humorous songs, plus we'll have a surprise lineup of comic re-enforcements to help deliver the massive payload of punchlines. If you're someone who is easily offended by PG-13 humor, please don't send us complaints, just tune into the "Murder, She Wrote" marathon on the Biography channel instead.

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Segment 1
00:00:13GK opens, talks about the cold, actors tell jokes, Tishomingo Blues
00:03:22GK opens the show, website announcement, talks about the art of the joke, tells Jewish Mother joke, laxative salesman joke, opening favorite jokes
00:10:28"Bad Jokes" - GK/Shoes
Segment 2
00:14:30More jokes
00:21:17"Railroad Bill"/"Jokes" - Pat Donohue and GK
00:23:43Date script
00:26:27"Crawdad Song" - Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
00:28:22Winter script
00:35:46Powdermilk Biscuit Break
00:37:09Knock Knock jokes/"Knock Knock" - Andy Stein and Shoe Band
Segment 3
00:41:01News From Lake Wobegon
00:58:20"No Laughing Matter" - Pat Donohue and Gary Raynor
01:00:29Intermission/"Stone's Rag"
Segment 4
01:04:30Welcome Back to the 2nd half/Greetings and jokes
01:08:40GK talks about Molly Ivins
01:09:00"Miss Molly" - Andy Stein and Shoe Band
01:11:14GK reads more audience jokes
01:13:43More jokes
01:18:24Lightbulb jokes
01:19:34Unitarian jokes, religion jokes
01:25:38More jokes
Segment 5
01:28:25Guy Noir script
01:46:18"Jokomo Rag" - Shoe Band
01:49:17More jokes from listeners
01:52:22Catchup script
01:55:22Credits, more listener jokes, close

Photos from the show
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"I hear that old piano…" GK opens the show Is it true that an alligator won't attack you if you carry a flashlight?
Rich working so intently, he forgets it's the Joke Show A listener submitted joke brings a smile to Mr. Keillor's face
Ke-Nock, Ke-Nock… Andy Stein brings us the ever popular knock knock joke Arnie breaks out the wash board

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