March 24, 2007
This week on A Prairie Home Companion we welcome a very special guest to the Town Hall in New York City, the elusive and brilliant Ry Cooder and his stellar backing band: The New Cardboard Avenue Jaywalkers, which includes Mike Seeger on Banjo, Paddy Maloney of the Chieftains on whistles/pipes, Roland White on mandolin, and Joachim Cooder on drums. Also with us, critically acclaimed poet and senior nonfiction editor at The New Yorker, Deborah Garrison, The Royal Academy of Radio Acting, and the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, with this week's fifth shoe, Andy Stein. Join us Saturday for an all new installment of A Prairie Home Companion.

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Segment 1
00:00:13Tishomingo Blues
00:02:10GK talks about the impending spring, "Here Comes The Sun", riding the subway
00:06:12"Art" - GK, Fred Newman, Arnie Kinsella
00:09:44GK talks about Deborah Garrison's poetry and Ry Cooder
00:10:28"Heat it Up" - Richard Dworsky and Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
00:12:35The Story of Bob script
00:22:40GK intros Ry Cooder
00:24:55"Suitcase in My Hand" - Ry Cooder and the New Cardboard Avenue Jaywalkers
00:28:00Powdermilk Biscuit Break
Segment 2
00:31:55GK talks about the literary world of New York, intros Deborah Garrison
00:33:38Deborah Garrison recites "The Firemen," "An Idle Thought" and "Worked Late on a Tuesday Night"
00:39:18Guy Noir script
00:55:19GK brings Ry Cooder back
00:56:20"J. Edgar" - Ry Cooder and the New Cardboard Avenue Jaywalkers
00:59:16GK intros next song with Ry Cooder
00:59:52"Footprints in the Snow" - Ry Cooder and the New Cardboard Avenue Jaywalkers
Segment 3
01:11:41"You Meet the Nicest People in Your Dreams" - Andy Stein and Shoe Band
01:14:27GK talks with Deborah Garrison
01:16:09Deborah Garrison recites "September Poem," "Into the Lincoln Tunnel" and "Goodbye New York"
01:22:22"Brooklyn Bridge" - Pat Donohue and Shoe Band
Segment 4
01:24:43News From Lake Wobegon
Segment 5
01:42:39"Down the Alleyway" - Shoe Band
01:45:11GK talks about Ry Cooder's new album
01:45:58"My Name is Buddy" - Ry Cooder and the New Cardboard Avenue Jaywalkers
01:49:30"The Blind Man Stood in the Road and Cried" - GK/ Rich, Jaywalkers
01:51:23President script
01:54:40Credits, Goodnight Sweetheart

Photos from the show
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GK introduces poet Deborah Garrison Deborah Garrison as "Miss BarBARa" in Guy Noir
Ry Cooder and the New Cardboard Avenue Jaywalkers Fred Newman brings stage directions to life
Deborah Garrison shares her poetry Tim Russell gives us his best Bush impression

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