August 4, 2007
This week on A Prairie Home Companion, as our wobbly legs continue to recover from the effects of the North Sea, we offer a very special summertime compilation show featuring all things Norwegian. Special guests include, modern masters of the polska, Frigg. A pair of singing brothers, Trond and Knut Moe from the Norwegian National Opera. Pianist Morten Gunnar Larsen performing Ragtime, and sibling classical duo Mari and Håkon Samuelsen perform a tribute to their homeland, "Mountain Vision." In Lake Wobegon, Clarence Bunsen's old college pal, Pastor Cliff, resigns to write the great Norwegian-American novel.

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Segment 1
00:00:00APM Logo Open
00:00:12Tishomingo Blues
00:00:55 GK Open
00:04:03"Norwegian Rag #1" and "Fingerbreaker," Morten Gunnar Larsen
00:11:11GK Intro Syttende Mai script and National Opera singers
00:11:44Syttende Mai script
00:17:40GK talks with Norwegian National Opera singers, plus songs
00:27:28GK Intro Powdermilk break
00:27:53Powdermilk Biscuit Break
00:29:03GK Outro Powdermilk Biscuit break, plus intro Norse script and Samuelsens
Segment 2
00:29:36Norse script
00:34:40GK Intro Mari and Hakon Samuelsen
00:35:09"Mountain Vision," Mari and Hakon Samuelsen
00:39:59"Passacaglia," Mari and Hakon Samuelsen
00:45:02GK Intros Frigg
00:45:25"Danny and I"/ "Cross Country," Frigg
00:50:13GK talks with Frigg
00:52:09"Polka Internationale," Frigg
Segment 3
00:55:26GK Intermission Credits ("Exactly Like You" )
00:59:00GK Welcome Back, plus intro St. Olaf strings/ Grieg music
00:59:25"Varen," St. Olaf Orchestra string section
01:05:01St Olaf Travelogue script
01:08:28GK talks about Olaf Christenson
01:10:14"Beautiful Savior," St. Olaf Choir
01:14:15Guy Noir script
01:23:40GK Intro Morten Gunnar Larsen, plus mono
01:24:22"Donít You Leave Me Here," Morten Gunnar Larsen
Segment 4
01:28:44The News From Lake Wobegon
Segment 5
01:43:18"Praise You Our God," St. Olaf Choir
01:45:52Norwegenetics script
01:48:34GK Intro Grieg script
01:49:08Grieg/Married Couple script
01:55:13GK credits
01:56:26"Jalla Jalla," Frigg
01:58:54APM Logo

Photos from the show
Click images to view slideshow. (Photos taken by Melissa Christensen, Andrea McAvey, and Russ Ringsak)

Stephanie Davis Jorja Fleezanis
VocalEssence Finnish fiddler group, Frigg, performs "Polka Internationale."
Enlarge photo Enlarge photo
Norwegian siblings Mari and Håkon Samuelsen. Vocalist Prudence Johnson.
Enlarge photo
Bluegrass greats Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. GK with orchestra and choir
Enlarge photo Enlarge photo
Doyle Lawson Folk and blues singer Odetta.

Guest Information
  • Stephanie Davis
  • Jorja Fleezanis
  • Frigg
  • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
  • Odetta
  • St. Olaf Choir
  • Prudence Johnson
  • Mari & Håkon Samuelsen
  • Todd Schwartzberg
  • VocalEssence with Philip Brunelle
  • Guest Books and Recordings
  • Stephanie Davis
  • VocalEssence
  • Dan Newton
  • Frigg
  • Prudence Johnson
  • Odetta
  • Doyle Lawson
  • St. Olaf Orchestra & Choir

  • Scripts
  • Syttende Mai
  • Norse
  • St Olaf Travelogue
  • Guy Noir
  • Norwegenetics

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  • Music Information
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