September 1, 2007
Coming up this week on A Prairie Home Companion, it's Labor Day and we're coming to you from the grandstand of the Minnesota State Fair. The cast and crew are back from the summer break and are trolling the fairgrounds for this year's best cheese curds and fries and cold beverages. Songstress Patty Griffin will be along for the ride, as will the magnificent Jearlyn Steele. She'll be heating things up with her black-coffee style and to sweeten the drink, she'll be backed by "The Hornheads" (yes, that's right): a raucous bunch of local brass players who will be sitting in with Rich Dworsky and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band. We'll fill you in on the blue ribbon winners, talk about buttery sculptures, sing the Star Spangled Banner in the Key of G, send rockets into the air and make you wish you were there for our last hurrah of summer.

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Segment 1
00:00:13"Tishomingo Blues" - GK, Shoes
00:02:30GK talks about the Fair and the guests on the show
00:04:00GK intros Jearlyn Steele
00:04:40"I'm Saved" - Jearlyn Steele
00:08:08Rhubarb script
00:13:54"Paris, France" - GK, Jearlyn Steele, Shoe band
00:17:30GK talks to 4H Ambassadors (Bob Wippler and Chantal Liepold)
00:22:50"Grandstand Shuffle" - Pat Donohue, Shoes, Hornheads
00:26:00Powdermilk Biscuit Break
Segment 2
00:30:18"Rye Straw" - Wild Goose Chase Cloggers
00:32:00GK intros Patty Griffin
00:33:39"Long Ride Home" - Patty Griffin
00:37:10"Top of the World" - Patty Griffin
00:42:20Guy Noir script
00:52:00"It's All Right" - GK, Jearlyn Steele, Patty Griffin, Becky Schlegel
Segment 3
01:00:37Welcome back to the 2nd half, GK talks about the Fair
01:02:28"Shenandoah" - GK and Becky Schlegel
01:07:52"You Make Me Feel Like I'm In Minnesota" - Jearlyn Steele
01:10:50GK intros band
01:11:29Sunshine script
Segment 4
01:18:16GK talks to Aria Stiles
01:19:25"Tom and Jerry" - Aria Stiles and band
01:21:25GK talks to Catie Joe Pidel
01:22:11"Black Mountain Rag" - Catie Joe Pidel and band
01:24:13GK talks with Carol Logeais from the Salem Lutheran Church dining hall about egg coffee
01:28:44GK talks with Jearlyn Steele about church
01:31:07"Sweet Hour of Prayer" - Jearlyn Steele
01:34:30GK brings back Patty Griffin
01:35:20"Up to the Mountain" - Patty Griffin
Segment 5
01:39:35The News from Lake Wobegon
01:57:09"It's Alright" - GK, Shoe Band, Hornheads, Becky Schlegel, Jearlyn Steele, Fiddlers, Cloggers

Photos from the show
Click images to view slideshow. (Photos taken by Andrea McAvey)

Jearlyn Steele gets the crowd moving with the Etta James tune "Tell Mama." Future leaders of tomorrow, the 4-H Ambassadors Chantal Liepold and Bob Wippler, chat with Garrison.
The Wild Goose Chase Cloggers dance to "Rye Straw." Becky Schlegel, Patty Griffin and Jearlyn Steele join Garrison to sing "It's All Right."
Becky Schlegel with "Lake Wobegon Song." Minnesota State Fair Teen Fiddling Champ Catie Jo Pidel brings down the house with her rousing take on the "Black Mountain Rag."

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