September 8, 2007
This week on A Prairie Home Companion: As we prepare the hay bales, the outdoor stage, and the mountains of meatloaf for next week's season opener and street dance at the Fitzgerald Theater, we bring you a special back-to-school rebroadcast compilation. With fight songs, pep bands, and Latin lessons, we cheer the return to academic life. Bob Dorough sings "3 is a Magic Number," Kate MacKenzie sings the old Carter Family song "Schoolhouse on the Hill," and at Lake Wobegon High School, Ms. Lewis retires from teaching English after 55 years. It's all about school this week, so please remember your number two pencils and spiral bound notebooks. There will be a quiz.

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Segment 1
00:00:12Tishomingo Blues
00:00:56GK Intro
00:05:12Donald Hall reads excerpt from "The Old Life"
00:08:03"Schoolhouse on the Hill" - GK, Kate MacKenzie, Pat Donohue, Stevie Beck
00:11:01GK Intro Purdue Varsity Glee Club
00:12:16Glee Club sings the Ambien ingredient list, names from the Lafayette phonebook, and "Stout-Hearted Men" (with new lyrics)
00:18:19The Fred Newman School of Audio Realism script
00:24:13"College Blues" - Pat Donohue with The Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band
00:26:59GK Intro Powdermilk
00:28:10Powdermilk Biscuit Break with VocalEssence Fight Songs
Segment 2
00:33:44Prof. Robert Sonkowsky reads from "Cicero"
00:38:07"University Stomp" - Andy Stein and Shoes
00:41:30Guy Noir script (Term Paper Scam)
00:54:11GK Intermission Credits/ Intermission
Segment 3
00:58:39GK Welcome Back
00:59:50"3 Is a Magic Number" - Bob Dorough and Shoes
01:04:20The Lives of the Cowboys script
01:15:20Marvin and Mavis Smiley sing the University of Virginia fight song
01:17:57GK Intro Vince Lombardi Madrigal
01:18:57"Vince Lombardi Madrigal" - Bemidji Chamber Singers
01:20:35English Majors script
01:22:35GK Intro Young script
01:23:45Young script
Segment 4
01:34:31The News From Lake Wobegon
01:53:15"Lake Wobegon School Hymn" - GK and Shoes
Segment 5
01:56:38GK Credits
01:57:59"Wipe Out" - Red Line Swingers a.k.a. Bemidji Hockey Pep Band

Photos from the show

Tim Russell and Sue Scott Russ Ringsak and Robin Williams
I hear that old piano... GK speaks with Becky Schlegel

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  • Stout-Hearted Men

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