October 20, 2007
This week on A Prairie Home Companion, we'll roll down the Great Wagon Road for our show at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte, North Carolina. With special guests, legendary blues singer Nappy Brown, big time country artist Suzy Bogguss, prodigious ragtime pianist Ethan Uslan, and national banjo champion Charles Wood. Also with us, The Royal Academy of Radio Acting; Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman, The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band with fiddler Stuart Duncan, and the News from Lake Wobegon.

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Segment 1
00:00:13Tishomingo Blues
00:05:08"Charlotte Town" - GK, Shoe Band
00:07:55"My Dixie Darling" - Suzy Bogguss, GK, Pat Donohue, Shoe Band
00:10:25"My Old Kentucky Home" - Ethan Uslan
00:11:55"Carolina Shout" - Shoe Band
00:13:35Charlotte script
00:23:58"Chimney Rock" - Shoe Band
00:26:40"It Is Well With My Soul (Casserole)" - GK, Suzy Bogguss
00:29:54Powdermilk Biscuit Break
Segment 2
00:34:16GK Intros Suzy Bogguss
00:35:00"Even if that Were True" - Suzy Bogguss
00:38:46News From Lake Wobegon (Download MP3)
Segment 3
00:54:37"Carolina Moon" - Ethan Uslan
00:57:50GK intros Nappy Brown
00:58:09"Keep On Pleasin' You" - Nappy Brown
01:00:54"Give Me Your Love" - Nappy Brown
01:06:06Intermission/"Blackberry Blossom" - Shoe Band
Segment 4
01:10:00Welcome Back to 2nd half/Greetings
01:14:20GK talks about Charlotte, NC
01:18:27Chicken script
01:20:37GK talks with Ethan Uslan
01:22:26"Nocturne/Ragtime" - Ethan Uslan
01:26:37Guy Noir
01:38:00"Lime Rock" - Charles Wood
01:40:30GK talks with Suzy Bogguss
01:41:32"The Bus Ride" - Suzy Bogguss
01:45:19"Gold Watch and Chain" - Suzy Bogguss, GK
Segment 5
01:45:19"Gold Watch and Chain" - Suzy Bogguss, GK
01:47:42GK talks about Nappy Brown
01:48:40"Bye Bye Baby" - Nappy Brown
01:52:05Rhubarb script
01:56:09"Next Time I'm In Town" - GK, Suzy Bogguss, Shoe Band

Photos from the show
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Garrison Keillor leads The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band Pat Donohue joins Suzy Bogguss for the tune "Even if that Were True."
The very snappy Nappy Brown. From Charlotte, of course. Garrison sorts through Greetings during intermission.
Stuart Duncan Charles Wood with "Lime Rock."

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