January 19, 2008
This week on A Prairie Home Companion, we're back from vacation and broadcasting live from The Fitzgerald Theater. With this week's special guests, award winning English trumpet soloist Alison Balsom, dangerously sweet country singer Suzy Bogguss, and sitting in with The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, steel guitar wiz Joe Savage, guitarist Dan Neale, and the multi-talented John Niemann. Also with us, The Royal Academy of Radio Acting: Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Tom Keith, The News From Lake Wobegon, and much more this week on A Prairie Home Companion.

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Segment 1
00:00:09Tishomingo Blues, GK opens
00:02:44Open script
00:06:22"Speedin' West" - Shoe band
00:08:38"How's The World Treating You" - GK/Suzy Bogguss
00:11:40English Majors script
00:13:27"Part of Me" - Suzy Bogguss and Joe Savage
00:16:48"Hammer and Nail" - Suzy Bogguss/ Shoe band
00:20:42Steroids script
00:24:17"Frostbite Boogie" - Shoe band
00:27:19GK talks about Alison Balsom
00:28:10Powdermilk Biscuit Break
Segment 2
00:29:51Guy Noir script
00:45:20GK talks with Alison Balsom
00:47:48"Libertango" - Alison Balsom
00:51:32"Oblivion" - Alison Balsom
00:55:41"Too Far Gone" - GK/ Suzy Bogguss/ Shoe band
01:01:10Intermission/"Hey Good Lookin'" - Shoe Band
Segment 3
01:04:40Greetings, talent show announcement
01:09:45"True Friend of Mine" - GK/Suzy/Shoe band
01:14:47GK talks to Alison
01:15:16"Concert Etude" - Alison Balsom
Segment 4
01:18:57The News from Lake Wobegon (Download MP3)
Segment 5
01:33:53"Someone to Watch Over Me" - Alison Balsom
01:37:55Band Kid script
01:38:50Ketchup script
01:42:00"Wishes Fulfilled" - Richard Dworsky and Diane Tremaine
01:44:06"If You Leave Me Now" - Suzy Bogguss/ Shoe band
01:48:30Rhubarb script
01:52:40"Nashville Jubilee" - Shoe band
01:55:00Credits, "Too Far Gone"/"Speedin' West" (reprise)

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Garrison Keillor and Suzy Bogguss perform "How's The World Treating You?" "Libertango," as performed by Alison Balsom
The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band Dan Neale
Tim Russell does his George Bush impression Suzy Bogguss
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