A Bassett Hound
A Basset Hound
March 08, 2008

This week on A Prairie Home Companion, our staff has been scraping the bottom of the joke barrel once again and coming up with a lot of painful splinters for Saturday’s Joke Show, so we’re asking our listeners to dig deep and send us some worthy new candidates. We don't do cute on the Joke Show. We don't do stand-up, as such. We don't do long-winded story jokes. We do classic jokes. Clean, but just barely. So send in your best stuff right now, today, and there may be some free stuff for you if we use your jokes on the air. Just remember, if we come up short, we may have to go with the nuclear option, where Garrison sings two hours of long-forgotten vaudeville classics, accompanied only by a harmonica and an old basset hound. It’s up to you.

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Segment 1
00:12"Tishomingo Blues"
02:54GK opens, call for jokes
04:08"Sound of Chickens" - GK/ Pat
08:05GK and Roy Blount tell jokes, "Hell's Kitchen" playoff
12:48Daylight script, "Louie Louie" playoff
19:04Cowboys script
30:16Powdermilk Biscuit Theme
Segment 2
31:40More jokes
32:22 "Blues When I Exercise" - Pat Donohue/ GASB
35:56More Jokes, "Johnny B. Goode" playoff
40:26Pat Donohue tells a joke, GK intros Rich Dworsky
41:25"Otra Madrugada" - Richard Dworsky
44:42GK talks about March, daylight savings time
45:33 Ketchup script
48:30More jokes
49:07Guy Noir script
59:20Hibernation script, "Wipe Out" playoff
1:02:41 intermission ("Miss Annabelle Lee")
Segment 3
1:06:08 listener jokes, greetings
1:10:39 "Knock Knock, Who's There?" - Andy Stein and Shoes
1:14:29 More jokes, "I Saw Her Standing There" playoff
Segment 4
1:19:25The News from Lake Wobegon (Download MP3)
Segment 5
1:29:58 "Ain't No Joke" - Pat Donohue and band
1:33:15 More Jokes, Roy Blount
1:39:45 Rhubarb script
1:44:23 More jokes
1:45:19 SFX (Fred vs. Tom) script
1:55:55 last jokes, credits
1:57:30 Bad Jokes, "Down Yonder"

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Roy Blount Jr. Rich Dworsky provides a mellow moment in the joke show with the song, "Otra Madrugada."
Tim Russell and Sue Scott read this week's message from the Catchup Advisory Board.. "Ain't No Joke" performed by Pat Donohue.
Andy Stein plays the baritone saxophone. Tom Keith and Fred Newman collaborate on this weeks "SFX" script.
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