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Saturday, May 03, 2008


GK: We're here in Bangor Maine, a beautiful city on the Penobscot River where it's May and so we have young women in prom dresses covered with blood—(SS SPOOKY GIRL, SQUISHES)-— and it looks like she's —(FLAMEUP, SS SPOOKY LAUGHTER)—and it looks like she's starting a big fire—and here's a park that actually is a cemetery (OWL) with lots of little tiny graves here-the ground is kind of moving (DIGGING, ANIMALS) and dogs and cats and gerbils are rising out of the ground (SPOOKY MEOW) so that's interesting , —(DEEP GROWLING)—and here is a giant St. Bernard that's foaming at the mouth (BIG RABID DOG) and here we have a clown (RUSTLING, EVIL CLOWN LAUGHTER) but not a friendly clown. (EVIL CLOWN RUNS PAST, HONKS) No. (CAR SCREECHES, REVS) And here is a crazy car (CAR SQUEALS AND REVS AND TURNS)—a crazy red and white Plymouth—(RUNNING, BREATHING HARD)—a 1958 Plymouth Fury—and the evil clown is in the car (EVIL CLOWN LAUGHTER)—with the dog (RABID ST. BERNARD)—and the girl with blood all over her (SS SPOOKY)— Bangor Maine. Hometown of Stephen King.

Old Sweet Songs: A Prairie Home Companion 1974-1976

Old Sweet Songs

Lovingly selected from the earliest archives of A Prairie Home Companion, this heirloom collection represents the music from earliest years of the now legendary show: 1974–1976. With songs and tunes from jazz pianist Butch Thompson, mandolin maestro Peter Ostroushko, Dakota Dave Hull and the first house band, The Powdermilk Biscuit Band (Adam Granger, Bob Douglas and Mary DuShane).

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