Saturday, February 14, 2009

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GK: Hello?

SS (MOM): Did you get it?

GK: Mom?

SS (MOM): Yes, it's me honey, your mother. Did you get my Valentine yet?

GK: I was just opening it mother. I just picked up my mail—

SS (MOM): Well, I just wanted to make sure you got it because I sent it on Wednesday so it would be there on time because I thought, you know, probably Duane isn't going to get another Valentine.

GK: Mom—

SS (MOM): I mean, I don't know if you're seeing someone or not and it's none of my business but I thought probably not because of how you looked all sort of owly and moody the last time I saw you.

GK: I'm fine, Mom. And thanks for the Valentine.

SS (MOM): And did you find the five dollars I put in there for you Duane, did it fall out?

GK: I have it in my hand, mom, thank you very much.

SS (MOM): Did you see the balloon I drew coming out of Abe Lincoln's mouth? The one that says, "I love you, Duane"?

GK: Yes, Mom. Very nice

SS (MOM): Now I want you to go out and get yourself a little something special.

GK: I will mom.

SS (MOM): Because you know you can't really love somebody until you can love yourself—you know that don't you Duane?

GK: I've heard it said, mom, thanks.

SS (MOM): And if you are with someone these days, I just want you to know you can bring her over here to meet us anytime, night or day.

GK: Okay.

SS (MOM): Two o'clock, three o'clock in the morning, I don't care. I'm just lying away at night anyway worrying about you. I'd be tickled pink to get up and make pancakes.

GK: I'll keep that in mind.

SS (MOM): And I've got some very nice clothes here that she can have if she's the right size. They were Aunt Judy's. You remember Aunt Judy. Tall— square shoulders— slender hips—

GK: I remember.

SS (MOM): Not child-bearing hips necessarily, but of course obstetricians nowadays — they can do wonders—

GK: Mom, I've got to go, okay?

SS (MOM): Got to go to what?

GK: Just have to do some things.

SS (MOM): Not going Somewhere? With a special Someone?

GK: Not today, Mom.

SS (MOM): Okay honey you take care.

GK: I will mom.

SS (MOM): I love you honey, because I love myself first.

GK: Good to know mom.

SS (MOM): Bye honey, love you.

GK: Love you mom.

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