Saturday, March 28, 2009

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GK: Appleton is the seat of the Appleton-Oshkosh-Neenah area----and it's home to Lawrence University, a private liberal arts college whose motto is "Light More Light" which they're getting now that it's spring and the days are getting longer. Lawrence sits at the end of College Avenue, the main downtown drag, (CARS RUMBLE AND REV), where the town kids circle around and around, showing off their hot cars (CAR REVS), they are not Lawrence University students. They don't have cars because they are focused on their studies. Especially the music conservatory students. (PIANO SCALES). The conservatory is across College Avenue from the rest of the University, and so the traditional students and the music students sometimes don't even meet each other. On one side of "The Ave" the students go to the local bars on the weekends----Cleo's and Jim's and Pat's Tap (POP TOP, POURING LAUGHTER)----while on the other side of The Ave the music students hunker down in their practice rooms (PIANO SCALES), as the trains come creeping along the Fox River (TRAIN WHISTLE), delivering pulpwood to the Kimberly Clark Paper Mill, which gives Appleton its distinctive aroma. (COUGHING). There are monster carp in the Fox River (SFX) who have mutated thanks to chemicals into fish six and ten and twelve feet long (SFX) and they are green and yellow and sometimes they climb up the hill to a beautiful cemetery overlooking the Fox River (SLITHERING FISH)...

GK: ... where they lie in wait for Lawrence students who are looking for a place to neck. (FN WOMAN TITTERING, MAN LAUGHING A MANLY LAUGH) until they see the fish (SCREAM) and thus many students have stayed pure for graduate school, unlike the mayflies, (FLUTTERING OF WINGS), who emerge in May and mate and then die and then fall at your feet (SFX), let it be a lesson to the rest of us. And meanwhile, down in the basement of the Conservatory, a student practices, who never went to parties and never went out with women. (RD SCALES) but it sounds as if he's getting ready to. (BIG PIANO) ...

Old Sweet Songs: A Prairie Home Companion 1974-1976

Old Sweet Songs

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