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Saturday, April 11, 2009

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PD & GK: Oh Cecilia, you're breaking my heart
You're shaking my confidence daily
Oh, Cecilia, I'm down on my knees
I'm begging you please to come home
Come on home

ER: Dear Diary. Iím in Manhattan in my hotel room and Steve and I are supposed to sing in a duet contest and we were rehearsing ďWind Beneath My WingsĒ and he wanted me to look up at him when I sing ďDonít you know that youíre my heroĒ and I said, Why would I do that? Whatís my motivation? And he said, It just gives the song emotional resonance. One problem is that Steve is three inches shorter than me so I canít look up at him. The other problem is, I loathe and despise him. He said, How can you sing a romantic song and not look at the one youíre singing to? I said, Steve, this song is not about you. Trust me on that one.

PD & GK: Oh Cecilia, you're breaking my heart
You're shaking my confidence daily
Oh, Cecilia, I'm down on my knees
I'm begging you please to come home

ER: I met Steve at a singer-songwriter showcase and the problem is that he is really into me and Iím not into him. I am into my own music — I just sing duets for the exposure. But Steve wants more. He wants a relationship. He keeps putting his hand on my shoulder. I keep taking it off. He had a major water leak in his apartment which destroyed three notebooks in which heíd written down eleven new songs which he couldnít remember the lyrics to at all because when he wrote them he was on some sort of mood-altering chemical and he called me up and he was crying on the phone and I suppose I couldíve said I felt bad but I didnít. And he was so upset about it that he went back to eating meat again and thatís like, a big problem for me. A big, big problem.

PD & GK: Oh Cecilia I lost all my songs
I wrote when I puffed on a bong
It is tragic. The lyrics are gone.
I cannot go on. I may die.
Woe is I.

ER: So I am rehearsing with him and he likes to stand really close when we sing and heís breathing the flesh of dead animals on me. I told him: Back off. I told him that if he didnít give up meat I was going to focus on my own songs for a while. I wrote one about him. ER (SINGS): If you eat meat, why not drink blood?
Why not pick up fresh road kill out of the mud?
Bake yourself a fresh weasel run down by a diesel.
And if the body is slightly rotten—
Hey, just serve it up au gratin.

He got all upset. He said, Weíre breaking up, arenít we. Thatís what youíre saying. Weíre breaking up. Oh my God what am I going to do, Cecilia, youíre my life, donít you know that — I gave up everything for you. — Meanwhile, I am texting my best friend Mira and saying, are you free for dinner? I need to talk. And then he says, I canít sing duets with someone who hates me. Letís just quit the whole contest.

PD & GK: Oh the feeling, the feelingís not there
The feeling of love I remember
Oh, Cecilia, we canít sing duets
I guess that Iíll just go back home
Go back home

ER: So I started calling him but he didnít pick up. I left messages. I said, I am done with you. Permanently. Itís over. And I am calling Ramon. And two minutes later, he called me back and said, Whoís Roman? Well, there is no Ramon but he didnít know that. We got together half an hour before the contest and rehearsed in the menís toilet and we sounded great. All we needed was some reverb! I took off my high heels so I wouldnít be taller than Steve and I looked up at him as I sang ďDonít you know that youíre my heroĒ and we never sounded better. Unfortunately, the contest was rigged. The fix was in. The first prize went to a couple of nothing singers from Nerdville USA and we were left with a little tiny trophy for Most Congenial Couple. But a record producer named Trevor saw us and he liked me and asked me to send him some of my songs and I did and he thinks I have possibilities.

PD & GK: Oh Cecilia, I love how you sing
I never heard anyone better
Oh, Cecilia, letís make a CD
I'm begging you please sing for me
Sing for me

ER: I havenít seen Steve for months. He sends me these very sad little text messages like ĎWhy donít we see each other anymore?í and ďWhatíd I do to make you turn against me?Ē but I didnít. I am just really really focused on making this CD with Trevor. But Iím grateful to Steve for inspiring me to write so many songs.

Homey, you donít know me.
No, you donít. So show me your back.
I want to see you zip up your coat and fasten your collar
And then get smaller and smaller.

Trevor really loves my music. He gets me the way Steve couldnít get me. He isnít into duets. He wants whatís best for me. Cecilia.

PD & GK: Oh it hurts me, weíve drifted apart
Youíve broken my heart and Iím bleeding
Hemophilia, I may not have long
Iím singing this song just for you
Just for you.

Just for you.
Just for you.

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