October 31, 2009

A Scary Home Companion

This week on a hair-raising Halloween episode of A Prairie Home Companion, we'll bravely embark to the Great Plains of North Dakota for a live broadcast from the Bismarck Civic Center. Fear not, it won't be all shrieks and screams — Maria Jette, Andra Suchy, and Janet Sorenson will stir up a cauldron of wickedly wonderful vocals, and the fiery fiddles and guitars of local favorite The Radio Stars along with our own Guy's All-Star Shoe Band are sure to be a treat. Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman will conjure up cackles of delight, so gather round the campfire for ghostly visions and ghastly tales, plus all the latest News From Lake Wobegon

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Janet Sorenson

Maria Jette

The Radio Stars

GK mingled with the audience for a post-show party.


    Show Segments
    Listen to individual segments as listed below

  • Segment 1
    • 00:00:00 - Logo
    • 00:00:11 - Tishomingo Blues
    • 00:03:50 - GK opens, talks about North Dakota economy
    • 00:05:30 - SFX script
    • 00:07:08 - One Night With You- GK/ band
    • 00:10:00 - GK intros The Radio Stars
    • 00:10:18 - Prairie Anthem- The Radio Stars
    • 00:14:05 - No Particular Place to Go/ Halloween Rock and Roll- Pat Donohue and band
    • 00:17:38 - Halloween script, into “Haunted Hop”- Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
    • 00:25:30 - Tell Laura I Love Her- GK, Andra Suchy and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
    • 00:28:02 - Nessun Dorma- Maria Jette and Richard Dworsky
    • 00:31:20 - Powdermilk Biscuit Break (with Janet Sorenson and Merrill Piepkorn)
  • Segment 2
    • 00:34:56 - GK talks with Janet Sorenson
    • 00:36:28 - The Yo-Ho Valley- Janet Sorenson and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
    • 00:39:20 - GK talks with Merrill Piepkorn of The Radio Stars
    • 00:40:28 - Ride Cowboy Ride- The Radio Stars
    • 00:44:22 - GK talks to Andra Suchy
    • 00:44:54 - The Old Suchy Trail- Andra Suchy and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
    • 00:47:00 - Guy Noir script
    • 01:00:04 - Ode to Joy Medley- GK, Maria Jette, Janet Sorenson and Shoe Band
    • 01:05:27 - Intermission- Lady Be Good
  • Segment 3
    • 01:09:30 - Greetings
    • 01:11:46 - I Will Always Love You- GK, Andra Suchy and Shoe Band
    • 01:42:32 - GK talks about Bismarck with Becky Borczon
    • 01:19:54 - Back in the U.S.A.- Pat Donohue, GK, Andra and band
    • 01:21:26 - Ghosts script
    • 01:27:26 - GK talks with Janet Sorenson
    • 01:27:45 - The Texas Cowboy- Janet Sorenson and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
  • Segment 4
    • 01:29:55 - News From Lake Wobegon
  • Segment 5
    • 01:43:50 - “Ebben ne andró lontana” (Catalani)- Maria Jette and Richard Dworsky
    • 01:47:08 - Bat script
    • 01:50:48 - Ghost Riders in the Sky- The Radio Stars
    • 01:54:53 - Credits, GK announces contest winners, Back in the USA reprise

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