December 5, 2009
The Town Hall

New York City, NY

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Guy Noir

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TR: A dark night in a city that knows how to keep its secrets, but on the twelfth floor of the Acme Building, one man is still trying to find the answers to life's persistent questions -- Guy Noir, Private Eye --


GK: It was December, I was in New York, it was cold but I got a job delivering hot coffee, so it wasn't so bad. ---- Gotcher caramel latte with 2 percent and wheat germ right here, sir ---

TR (RICH GUY): Thank you very much.

GK: And he hands me a twenty. ---- You need change back?

TR (RICH GUY): No. That's yours. (BRIGHT CHORD)

GK: So Wall Street bounces back. An order comes from Goldman Sachs, you go after it.

SS: I thought I ordered a double mocha with sprinkles of gold dust.

GK: I'm gonna make it for you fresh, right here. (COFFEE GRINDER) There's the beans. Now comes the coffee. (ESPRESSO)

SS: Wowser. An espresso machine the size of a flashlight.

GK: And now the milk---- (SFX)

SS: And what about my persimmon scone?

GK: Gonna bake it for you fresh right here on your desk. (CLANK OF TRAY, OVEN DOOR CLOSE)

SS: What kind of butter?

GK: Whatever you'd like. I have my churn right here. (CHURN) (BRIDGE) It was through delivering coffee to brokerage houses that I got to know the Mayor.

TR (BLOOMBERG): Good morning. I am Mayor Mike Bloomberg and I am here for you. I am a mayor for all of New York and I invite you to share with me your concerns.

GK: It's Guy Noir, Mayor Bloomberg,

TR (BLOOMBERG): Oh, yes. What can I do for you today?

GK: Actually, I'm working for you, sir. You asked me to check into which employees at Bloomberg did not vote for you in November----

TR (BLOOMBERG): Oh, right.

GK: I have the names right here.

TR (BLOOMBERG): Tell me my girlfriend is not on the list.

GK: She is not on the list.

TR (BLOOMBERG): Thank you very much. (BRIDGE)

GK: Through my City Hall connections, I'd met some people who were going to set up a company to deliver fresh-made coffee and fresh-baked pastries and fresh-churned butter to Wall Street offices and suddenly I was looking success in the face----

TR (GODFATHER): I like you, Guy. You're my kind of a guy. You're not a wise guy. You're a guy's guy. And so I'm gonna give you a couple million and we're gonna do business together and I'll have you do a few things for me from time to time, okay?. (STING)

GK: It sounded good to me. Due to financial constraints, I'd been forced to take a sublet on a tenth-floor walk-up studio apartment on West 47th and get a roommate. A singer named Rick.


GK: What you rehearsing for?

FN: Trade show.

GK: Cheese manufacturers?

FN: Bingo.

GK: Would you mind if I ask what the blue liquid is in the bathroom sink?

FN: It's hair coloring. I'm just wanting to get a little more intensity up there. Is there a problem?

GK: No, no. I'll just brush my teeth in the shower.

FN: Actually I'm using the shower to dry my underwear. (STING)

GK:. I didn't tell him that I was on the verge of a big deal. A couple million dollars would be about enough to purchase a one-bedroom apartment with track lighting and granite countertops and have enough left over for a pot and a pan.


GK: Yes?

SS: (VERY SHARP NY VOICE) Hello, is this Mr. Guy Noir?

GK: Yes, ma'am.

SS: My name is Laverne. I've got a situation.
Involving my husband, Mr. Bob Wilson. It's very important. Could you come right over? (STING, BRIDGE)

GK: It was a tiny apartment in a white brick building in the East 60s and Mr. Wilson was a small dapper man with a few wisps of hair combed over his bald spot. ---- My name is Guy Noir, Mr. Wilson. I'm a friend of your wife's.

TR: Oh. How is she? Haven't seen her for awhile.

GK: She's fine. A little concerned about you. ---- Mind if I come in?

TR: No. ----- (SLOW FOOTSTEPS) Watch your step there. ---- This way.

GK: I see you collect encyclopedias.

TR: Yes.

GK: Quite a few sets of encyclopedias here.

TR: Nine-hundred and fourteen. Just bought four more today.

GK: And you carried these up four flights of stairs----

TR: Me and my nephew Brendan.

GK: Nine-hundred and fourteen sets of encyclopedias is quite a few for a small one-bedroom apartment. No?

TR: Well, as they appreciate in value, I'm planning to sell some so I can move into a bigger apartment.

GK: You might want to consider selling a lot of them so you have room to walk in here.

TR: I've laid out paths. Here----- this is the trail to the bathroom. And here's the kitchen pathway. (MEOW) I'm going to sell these encyclopedias on eBay.

GK: Mr. Wilson, I take it, LaVerne has moved out.

TR: I think so.

GK: Where do you sleep?

TR: Up there.

GK: On top of the encyclopedias.

TR: Right. (MEOW)

GK: I see. LaVerne is concerned that the apartment is getting stuffed, Mr. Wilson, and in the event of an emergency, rescuers will be unable to get in and help you.

TR: Oh?

GK: You could be lying unconscious and they'd need a crane to get you out. You've made your apartment into a little cave.

TR: As soon as the economy improves, Mr. Noir, I'm going to get a very good price for these encyclopedias.

GK: Sir----

TR: Nobody is publishing these anymore. They've become rare books.

GK: They're rare because nobody uses them.

TR: I do.

GK: You use them to sleep on. (MEOW) Other people use the Internet to find out this stuff.

TR: Mr. Noir, people are always going to want to have books around. You can read anything you want to online but nobody KNOWS that you read it unless you have a book on a shelf in your house. People walk into your house and see your books and they can see you're a smart person with excellent taste. They don't get that from the fact you have a computer.

GK: So you think encyclopedias will become a decorator item----- interesting. (MEOW) How many cats do you have in here, Mr. Wilson?

TR: Four, I think. Maybe five. Plus the gerbils. They're here somewhere.

GK: It's none of my business but something smells bad from that corner over there.

TR: I don't smell it.

GK: I do. I think you might want to do some excavating.


I headed back home where Rick was tousling his hair.


GK: Another trade show?

FN: Organic Farmers convention. You think my hair is too silky? I mean, I'm going to be in bib overalls. I may have to color it darker. No?

GK: I don't mean to shock you, Rick, but I may be moving out soon. I've got a deal going involving some big bucks and I may need a little more room for myself.

FN: Hey, great. Me, too. I got my eye on a six-room apartment in the West 80s.

GK: Six? Wow.

FN: Yeah, the trade show biz is booming.

GK: Yeah, I am right on the verge of something major. Can't tell you the details, but ----- I'm shopping around for an apartment. High floor, nice views. (DREAM MUSIC) High floor, nice views. High floor, nice views. High floor, nice views. High floor, nice views.

SS (LANDLADY): Mr. Noir----- Mr. Noir------ wake up.

GK: Yeah? Who're you?

SS (LANDLADY): Juliette Binoche.

GK: Oh, Mrs. Santorini. The landlady.

SS (LANDLADY): Bingo. Guess what?

GK: You're here about the rent.

SS (LANDLADY): Righto. I'll wait here if you need to go down to an ATM machine. (BRIDGE)

GK: And then I remembered. I'd been downtown to see my patron the day before -----

TR (GODFATHER): I gotta go away for a couple years. I'll see you then, okay? You take care.

GK: You still interested in the coffee business?

TR (GODFATHER): Talk to Guido, okay?


GK: Guido----?


GK: And I came home and there was a copy of the Daily News and the headline ----- RUSSIAN TYCOON BUYS WILSON RARE ENCYCLOPEDIA COLLECTION FOR $6 MILLION. And the phone rang and it was Rick.

FN (SINGS, ON PHONE): Start spreading the news, I got on TV, I got my very own show ---- it's a reality-----

SS (LANDLADY): I'm waiting, Mr. Noir. Eleven hundred dollars.

GK: I'll just make a phone call, Ma'am.

SS (LANDLADY): I'm standing right here, waiting.


GK: Mr. Wilson, I'm not sure you remember me, but I called to congratulate you, and if you need any security services in the future, I'm here. There's just a tiny tiny favor I'd like to ask -----


TR: A dark night in a city that knows how to keep its secrets, but one man is still trying to find the answers to life's persistent questions... Guy Noir, Private Eye.


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