February 4, 2010 (Broadcast February 6)
The Fitzgerald Theater

Saint Paul, MN

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GK: Coming up later on many of these same stations, a deadly blizzard hits Angel Falls (SFX) and children get lost on their way to dance class (HELPLESS MURMURS) as the circus train...


GK: ...bound for Detroit Lakes is stopped by fifteen feet of snow (TRAIN STUCK, CRIES OF ALARM) and the elephants are released (SFX) to try to push through the drifts but the elephants are unused to snow (SFX) and in the confusion the Siberian tigers escape (SFX) who know all about winter, being from Siberia, and their keen sense of smell leads them to the lost children buried in a snow drift...


GK: ...who climb on the tigers backs and ride to safety but do they? A mob of ignorant villagers (SFX) gather with flaming torches and see the tigers and are about to nail them when Bozo the Clown jumps in front of them (CLOWN SPEAKING WITH HORN)...
GK: ... He is a mime and has lost his voice, but he convinces the villagers that the tigers are harmless, which of course is not true, they're just not hungry at this particular time, except one of them eats one of the villagers, torch and all (SFX) but he was one who never shoveled his sidewalk, so it's okay. And then all the circus animals (HORSES, ELEPHANTS, LIONS, SEALS)

GK: ....join to pack down the snow so the truck can come through with the serum to cure Jimmy's whooping cough. (SFX) which he got from eating that Cuban sandwich (ILLNESS) Coming up later on these stations.

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