March 27, 2010
The Paramount Theatre

Seattle, WA

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Move it On Over

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Seattle is a city that is young at heart
Every couple years someone makes a fresh start
And you move it on over,
Move it on over.
Move over, old dog, cause a new dog's moving in.

Microsoft, Starbucks,
It's quiet for awhile, then they set off a bomb
Move it on over
Move it on over
Move over, old dog, cause a new dog's movin' in

Books are on paper, it's written in stone
Then they're reading War and Peace on their telephone
Move it on over
Move it on over
Move over, old book, cause the new book's movin' in

You do a show, it gets good reviews,
You wake up in the morning, you're yesterday's news
They moved it on over
They swept it on over
Move over, old man, there's a new show opening now

You have a child, she is two feet high
And the next thing she's lookin at you eye to eye,
She says: Move it on over
Shove it on over
Move over, old dog, cause the new dog's movin' in

Dworsky played and then Donohue
And then Raynor said, “That's enough for you”
Move it on over

Raynor played a break, all alone
Then Stein said, it's time for the saxophone
Move it on over

Two dogs meet on the sidewalk
Sniff each other and have a little talk

You can sing your song, and dance your dance
But there's people in the wings with a hook in their hands
They say: Move it on over
Sneak it on over
Move over, old dog, cause a hot dog's movin' in

Live your life and don't postpone
Cause someday God's gonna call in the loan
He'll say: Move it on over
Move it on over
Move over old dog, cause a young dog's movin' in.

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