March 27, 2010
The Paramount Theatre

Seattle, WA

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Everything is uphill in Seattle
Everywhere you go, you have to climb
Everything is an uphill battle
If you want to get there on time.
She's waiting in the cafe, darling Kate,
Tonight is your important second date.
You've got enough strikes against you already.
Don't arrive late and all sweaty.

Excuse me, where is the Capitol Grill?
It's six blocks up that hill.

People do not coast in this town
They don't believe in the fall of man
They're never depressed, or feel let down
If you're tired you can move to Spokane
Maybe it's the fresh salt air
Maybe it's the coffee in your cup
You climb the hill and there is a stair
And it goes up.

Excuse me, where is Capitol Square?
About six blocks up there.

You need strong legs and lungs
To live in this city
It's for the ambitious and the young.
Not for the senior citizens committee.
You want to bicycle up hills like a breeze
Whistling as you pedal in third gear
And not huff and puff and wheeze
As you bring up the rear

Excuse me. I'm not from here.
I can see that. What you looking for?
A pizza shop called The Green Mill.
It's up the hill.

Pedalling with powerful thighs
On their upward routes
Seattleites trying to rise
And get above the clouds.
They bike, they hike, they race
Up that long incline
They're heading for a place
Where there is sunshine.

Excuse me. I'm looking for heaven.
It's straight ahead. Six blocks or seven.
No sorrow, and we'll never be ill?
It's right up that hill.

Everything is uphill in Seattle
Climbing, climbing every day
Everything is an uphill battle
And heaven is right up that way.

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