June 5, 2010
Santa Barbara Bowl

Santa Barbara, CA

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I’m just an old cowboy with twigs in my hair
I’m two-third alligator and three-quarters bear
And one half a liar but let it be known
I never told one lie that was not my own.

Whoopitiyiyo git along little doggies.

I came to California for the salt air
And for the mountains which we don’t have back there
What we have is flatness and cold, goodness knows,
So this is a paradise one would suppose.

Whoopitiyiyo git along little doggies.

I love California, say what you will
And maybe you have but I love it still
Where there is opportunity for each
And even the homeless can lie on the beach

Whoopitiyiyo git along little doggies.

I walked in San Francisco in the fog and the mist
I went out a Lutheran, came back a humanist
Got back to the hotel and my spirit rejoiced:
That town may be cold but by gosh it is moist

Whoopitiyiyo git along little doggies.


I’ve been up north, near the big redwood trees,
Where they live in the fog of the late Seventies,
It’s very sustainable, organic and pure
Everything’s natural, especially manure

Whoopitiyiyo git along little doggies.

I went through Orange County, full of new building sites
It has no oranges except orange warning lights
The freeways were humming, the streets were abuzz
And it didn’t look bad for whatever it was.

Whoopitiyiyo git along little doggies.

I spent a few days seeing L.A.
Where everyone’s working on a screenplay
Your waiter picks up his cellphone and talks
To his agent who’s in touch with somebody at Fox.

Santa Barbara’s organic, relaxing, harmonic
Where the only ice is in your gin and tonic
It is full of Midwesterners here in disguise
But I know who they are by the guilt in their eyes.



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