June 19, 2010
Blossom Music Center

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

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Father's Day Doo-Wop

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It’s Father’s Day and it makes me feel blue
Fatherhood was nothing I was planning to do
 It just sort of happened, disastrously
Shangalang bop bop shbop da doo ron ron oooooweee

I was good-looking when I was young
And I was cool, all the cool songs I’ve sung
Do you remember the time we sang. 
Bop bop shbop da doo ron ron oooooweee shangalang

O baby you’re looking old too
Those rotten kids have made a mess of me and you
We give them everything they want, it’s time that we stop
Shangalang da doo ron ron oooooweee bop bop shbop

We’re aging too fast, life is rushing on
It’s all the fault of our evil spawn
We’ll tell them Tuesday, they’ve got to be gone
Shangalang oooooweee bop bop shbop da doo ron ron

O baby, let’s be immature
Send the kids away and rediscover amour
We’ll sell the house, cash in the 401k
Shangalang bop bop shbop da doo ron ron hey hey

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