October 2, 2010
Fitzgerald Theater

Saint Paul, MN

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GK: Where to eat after the show? There's the sushi place, the Kyoto Minnesota (TR JAPANESE) and the Indian restaurant, the Taj Mahalvorson (TR INDIAN: O yes indeed, we have the Tuna Tandoori and the Curried Chicken with Melted Cheese) and the Cafe Boeuf (TR FRENCH) but is that what you really want or are you going there because you're embarrassed to be seen in the restaurant where you really want to go? Mel's Big Boy Buffet, now in six locations: Buffalo, Bloomington, Belle Plain, Bayport, Brooklyn Park, and Bald Eagle. (TK: This is Mel. Saturday night is Mexican Fiesta Nite here at Mel's, serving up the All-U-Can-Eat Taco Sandwich. Two slices of white bread plus beans (SPLORT), rice(SQUISH), guacamole (SPLAT), hamburger (SPLORT), ketchup (SQUISH). And sour cream (SQUISH). And you can't beat the price at $4.95. 

GK: Admit it. You'd rather go to Mel's. But you made the mistake of coming to the show with friends who, for some reason, you're trying to impress, by going to a fancy restaurant (TR FRENCH) and pretending to know something about wine (CORKSCREW, POP, POUR) and spending an arm and a leg on food that half the time you have no idea what it is. Probably your friends would rather go to Mel's too. But you don't dare suggest it. And so, just because you don't dare admit what you really want, you're going to miss out on the turkey dinner (SPLORT) with the dressing (SPLORT), the mashed potatoes (SPLORT), the candied yams (SPLORT), the cranberry (SPLORT), the creamed corn (SPLORT) and the bread pudding. (SPLORT).
GK: Here's what you do. Ditch your friends. (TR: WHAT???) Ditch em. (TR: Hey, I've got to go make a phone call.) Sneak out to the lobby and then slip outside and get in your car and go to Mel's. (TK: At Mel's we got what you want.) Six locations: Buffalo, Bloomington, Belle Plain, Bayport, Brooklyn Park, and Bald Eagle.


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