November 13, 2010
Saint Augustine Amphitheater

St. Augustine, Florida

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GK: After this word from our sponsor, Texas Bob's B.B.S.B.S.----- the Big Box Store of Big Stuff. (BIG DIESEL HORN). Why bother with the little stuff when you can buy big stuff and save…… we sell two-hundred pound turkeys (BIG TURKEY GOBBLE) and big barbecue grills (WHOOSH OF FLAME) to roast them on, six-foot pepper grinders (GIANT GRINDING), our ten-gallon turkey baster, you wear the tank on your back (GIANT SQUIRT), our walk-in freezer, holds fifty turkey carcasses (SFX)----- big enough for three people to camp here in a tent, and if you're expecting guests for Thanksgiving, how about a 100-lb containers of squash (SPLORT) and mashed potatoes (SPLORT). We've got big hairspray for large hairdos (SPRAY). We've got 200 h.p. lawnmowers that cut a six-foot swath at 80 mph (GIANT LAWNMOWER), we've got chainsaws that can cut down a house in less than a minute (SFX), big sprinklers (SFX), and big motorcycles (SFX). And a deer rifle that can also penetrate two-inch armor. (ROCKET)

GK: Texas Bob's Big Box Store of Big Stuff. How's sales this week, Bob?

FN (SMALL TIGHT): Real good.

GK: People looking for big stuff.

FN (SMALL TIGHT): That's right.

GK: How long have you been in this business?

FN (SMALL TIGHT): Selling big stuff?

GK: Yes.

FN (SMALL TIGHT): About six years.

GK: And you're having a big time doing it.

FN (SMALL TIGHT): That's right.

GK: That's Texas Bob's Big Box Store of Big Stuff. Why think small?

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