November 20, 2010
Brown Theater at the Wortham Theater Center in Houston, TX

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Café Boeuf

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GK: Our show is brought to you by the Cafe Boeuf Houston with your host, Antoine the maitre'd. Bon soir, Antoine.

TR (FRENCH): No, I am not the bouncer, I am the maitre'd. (FRENCH MUTTERS)

GK: Bon soir!

TR (FRENCH): Who is this Buster? We have no Buster working here. Buster? (FRENCH MUTTERS)

GK: Okay, okay. Good evening, Antoine.

TR (FRENCH): Well, why didn't you say so? Bon soir to you, monsieur.

GK: So what's on the menu tonight?

TR (FRENCH): Tonight on the menu we have the (FRENCH GIBBERISH) and that is fixed in a Sauce (GIBBERISH) and served on a bed of (GIBBERISH). Along with a (FRENCH VOCALISM FOR SMALL) of (GIBBERISH).

GK: Good. It sounds wonderful.

TR (FRENCH): You wish to order?

GK: This dish---- this (GIBBERISH) ---- this doesn't contain some sort of intestinal parts, does it?

TR (FRENCH): What is that? (GIBBERISH) I didn't say that. I said that we are serving (GIBBERISH)----

GK: What did I say?

TR (FRENCH): You told me that my wife looks like a suitcase.

GK: I'm sorry. I only meant to ask if your entrée, the one you mentioned, includes odd body parts like brains or kidneys. We Americans don't eat those things.

TR (FRENCH): You don't eat the (FRENCH)?

GK: What is that?

TR (FRENCH): The (FRENCH)? It is the lips of the pig.

GK: Pig lips? No. We don't.

TR (FRENCH): But that is the tastiest part. (FRENCH GUSTATORY ENTHUSIASM) SO the pate of pancreas of pigeon? You do not want? The sauteed throat of trout?

GK: How about a hot dog?

TR (FRENCH): A dog, monsieur? Please. We do not eat dogs in France. That is barbaric. (FRENCH INDIGNATION)

GK: A hot dog, Antoine. A hot dog. A sausage.

TR (FRENCH): A what?

GK: A sausage.

TR (FRENCH): Ahhh. Un sausage. Of course.

GK: What would be in the sausage?

TR (FRENCH): In the sausage??

GK: Yes. The ingredients. Is this pork? Or beef?

TR (FRENCH): French sausage has many many things.

GK: That's what I'm wondering about.

TR (FRENCH): The secret of the French sausage is diversity. A multitude of animals.

GK: Such as what?

TR (FRENCH): Well, we have the (FRENCH) and we have the (FRENCH) and also the (FRENCH) and the (FRENCH), and the…

GK: Are there brains in the sausage?

TR (FRENCH): You want it without brains?

GK: Please.


TR (FRENCH): The brains are removed from the sausage, monsieur. A no-brainer. And here is your mustard. (SQUORT)

GK: Could I have ketchup with that instead?

TR (FRENCH): You wish me to wash the mustard off and put a tomato sauce on it? The sauce of tomato? On a sausage??? (DISGUSTED FRENCH)

GK: Okay. Mustard. Fine.

TR (FRENCH): Tres bien. Mustard!

GK: Tres bien.

TR (FRENCH): What? This is a restaurant, not a cafeteria. We have no trays here. Please.

GK: The Cafe Boeuf Houston.... The home of good eaters, of good taste, of passion, of (KNOWING FRENCH LAUGH)---- (PLAYOFF)

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