November 27, 2010
Cincinnati, Ohio

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GK: It was a good Thanksgiving. Hope yours was too. At my house we roasted root vegetables (SFX) and did the traditional candied yams (SFX) and there was a cranberry-raisin pie with whipping cream on top (SFX), a great innovation. I did a standing rib roast and it came out on the rare side of medium rare (SFX) and the part-time vegetarians around the table looked at it with wonder and horror (SFX). But these are not hardened professional vegans, these are hobby vegans, and they decided to make an exception for Thanksgiving, and not be fanatical, and the platter of flesh was in their hands, pink and reddish, and they poked at the flesh with a fork, and put a slab of it on their plate, and ate it (SFX), and soon the conversation came down from a high spiritual plane that you find among vegetarians and we were hollering and whooping (SFX) and we locked arms and danced in a circle around the table(SFX) and the wineskin was passed (SFX) and we went out into the woods and lit a fire in the sauna (SFX) and soon we were packed in, fifteen of us in a sauna the size of a Chrysler van, naked, cheek to jowl, slippery with sweat, (SFX) and one by one we dashed out the door (SFX) and across the snow and into the creek (SFX). Naked in the moonlight, our bodies steaming hot, (SFX) and into the freezing water we went (SFX) and then ran back to the sauna and steamed some more. (SFX) And then the cranberry-raisin pie. We ate it with our hands, stuffing it into our mouths, (SFX)...

GK: ...and had more wine from the wineskin, (SFX) and then ----- suddenly ----- someone turned on the radio and there was Lutheran Vespers (SFX) and the sermon was about sobriety (SFX) and we were struck with shame and remorse (SFX) and we got dressed quickly (SFX) and some people wept for shame (SFX) and others washed the dishes and vacuumed the floor (SFX) and made coffee and went out and shovelled snow, which is penance for carnal pleasure. We're better now. We're eating salads (SFX) and we'll be at work on Monday (SFX) and ready to be productive.

Old Sweet Songs: A Prairie Home Companion 1974-1976

Old Sweet Songs

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