January 29, 2010 // Show # 1275

Sub-Zero Nights of the Soul

Heather Masse

Coming to you this week from the Fitzgerald Theater, in old downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, a live broadcast performance of A Prairie Home Companion. Along with mysterious, yet highly-entertaining guests to be determined, we welcome Texas-born mandolinist / violinist Richard Kriehn sitting in with The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band. Plus, the finest alto who ever dwelt in a Yurt, Heather Masse. Also with us, Erica Rhodes, the Royal Academy of Radio Acting; Sue Scott, Tim Russell, and Sir Tom Keith

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It's a tribute to Erica Rhodes's acting ability that so many listeners took seriously the sketch Saturday in which she talked about becoming host of "A Prairie Home Companion" and how she planned to bring in a new alt.X band called Eaten By Crustaceans to replace the Shoe Band. GK wrote the script and Erica played the role of the airhead diva and the Shoes impersonated the Crustaceans in the hip-hop tune "Eat It," and a good time was had by all, except for some irked listeners who turned their radios off and told us they absolutely will not listen to the show if Erica becomes host. GK has no plans to retire, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

As for Miss Rhodes, she is a brilliant comedian and actor and will have a fine career on her own, thank you very much. You can see her on YouTube and also on the web series "Upstairs Girls".

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  • Segment 1
    • 00:00:00 Logo
    • 00:00:13 Tishomingo Blues
    • 00:02:57 SFX script
    • 00:10:08 Here Comes the Sun - GK, Heather Masse, band
    • 00:14:25 GK talks with Heather Masse
    • 00:15:30 June in January - Heather Masse and band
    • 00:19:20 Catchup script
    • 00:23:16 Down By The Mississippi - GK and band
    • 00:26:48 Liebestraum - Andy McCormick and band
    • 00:29:06 GK talks with Andy McCormick about the saw
    • 00:30:15 Powdermilk Biscuit Break - GK, band, Andy McCormick
  • Segment 2
    • 00:32:10 GK talks about Charlie Louvin, who passed away this week
    • 00:33:00 Satan's Jeweled Crown - GK, Heather, band
    • 00:36:30 Car Song Medley - Pat Donohue and band
    • 00:41:33 Guy Noir script
    • 00:58:06 Intermission - Novocaine
  • Segment 3
    • 01:01:25 Greetings
    • 01:04:00 I Just Wanna Be A Sheep - GK, Heather Masse, band
    • 01:07:19 If I Could Only Win Your Love - GK, Heather, band
    • 01:09:56 Erica script
    • 01:19:00 GK intros Shoe Band
    • 01:19:18 Walkin' the Dog - Pat Donohue and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
    • 01:22:00 GK talks with Heather Masse
    • 01:22:45 Across the Sea - Heather Masse and band
  • Segment 4
    • 01:26:26 News From Lake Wobegon
  • Segment 5
    • 01:40:05 In A Sentimental Mood - Andy McCormick and Richard Dworsky
    • 01:43:30 I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me - GK, Heather, band
    • 01:46:54 The Lives of the Cowboys script
    • 01:53:15 Whispering Tuna - GK, Heather, band
    • 01:57:11 I Just Want to Be A Sheep reprise

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