April 10, 2010
Ryman Auditorium

Nashville, TN

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GK: Sometimes we like to reverse the electrons and bring you the sound of our listeners. And here is Vera opening the can (ELECTRIC OPENER) and getting out the refried beans (LONG SUCTION RHYTHM W/ GOOEY PLOP END) and mashing the avocado (MIXER) and putting it in the taco shell (SQUIDGY, RUBBING) while in the den (HEAVY EROTIC BREATHING) Harry watches the masters on TV. His asthma is acting up again. (squidgy nose rub) Vera's pantyhose is tight so she removes it. (LONG RUBBERY EFFECT). And Harry is in distress from a kernel of popcorn in his throat. (PAROXYSMS OF THROAT CLEARING) But she can't hear him because she's vacuuming. (VACUUM MOTOR THEN SUDDEN SUCTION). The vacuum attachment grabs hold of her bare foot. (CRY FOR HELP) She pulls the attachment loose (BIG SQUORT) and it sucks in the parakeet (SUDDEN SCREECH AND MUFFLED SUCTION). And in horror Vera steps on the cat. (CAT REE-OW) ..and Harry sneezes. (SNEEZE) He gets up from his chair. (LONG, CHATTERING RUBBERY SLIP). He's hungry. (LONG STOMACH GROWLS) So Vera opens a can of chili (ELECTRIC CAN OPENER) and spoons that on the taco (SPLORTS) and Harry eats it, happily. (HEAVY BREATHING, CHEWING) And gives some to the cat (MEOW) and to the parakeet (SFX) who is bruised but still alive. (FN: Care for some, honey?) (SNORING) Vera is asleep. Harry covers her with a quilt and goes up to bed. (FOOTSTEPS ON CREAKY STAIRS)...
GK: ... And turns out the light (CLICK) and turns on the radio. (STATIC, SAXOPHONE PLAYING OLD BALLAD) Saturday afternoon, naptime. Different sounds. Interesting. Back to our show, in progress.

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