Pete, April 19, 2008

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GK:…brought to you by Pete's Exotica on West 43rd Street, the pet store for owners of ferrets (SFX) hawks (SQUAWK) , snakes (SFX), iguanas (SFX), and large grommets (SFX). This week's special is a swallow toy for pythons. Pete, what can you tell us about this?

TR (NYER): This right here is a swallow toy made especially for large, venomous constricting snakes.

GK: And the swallow toy is made to resemble a baby bunny.

TR (NYER): That is right. It's a durable toy that is fun for the constrictor and keeps him from eating, say, your cat or your dog or children under the age of three.

GK: So how does the swallow toy work, Pete?

TR (NYER): Okay, as you can see, the toy is attached to a string so I hold it down where the snake can grab it (SQUEAKS) —

GK: Those are very lifelike squeaks it makes.

TR (NYER): Right and now the snake takes it (SNAKE GULP) and now he has it and he is swallowing it (PERISTALSIS) and you can see the toy is going down the snake's throat and (MUFFLED SQUEAKS) —

GK: The little bunny is still squeaking inside the snake.

TR (NYER): That is right.

GK: This could be emotionally difficult for children.

TR (NYER): I wouldn't know about that. anyway, you can retrieve the swallow toy very easily just by releasing the air in it (HISS) which deflates it so now we can pull it back up the snake's throat (SNAKE GAGGING AS TOY IS PULLED OUT).

GK: Okay. I can't help but notice that the baby bunny is covered with slime.

TR (NYER): That is snake saliva. It washes right off.

GK: A message from Pete's Exotica on West 43rd Street, the pet store for owners of ferrets (SFX) hawks (SQUAWK) , snakes (SFX), iguanas (SFX), and large grommets (SFX).


GK: And it appears that Pete is being carried away by a giant fruit bat and (FLAPPING WINGS) Pete is trying to fight him off (TR CRIES) with a fire extinguisher. (SFX BLAST) And as soon as we know more, we'll pass that on to your folks at home.

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