Lawn, April 23, 2011
Town Hall in New York, NY
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GK: If you're not up for lawn and garden care this spring, why not hire Renaissance Home Helpers for all your lawn and garden needs.

DiGi (SING):
Now is the month of Mowing, to trim the stuff that's growing! Fa la la la la!
If you're not lower class, you better cut your grass, fa la la la la!

GK: Renaissance Home Helpers isn't like ordinary lawn-care crews. We bring lords a-leaping (SFX) and ladies dancing (DiGi SFX) and drummers a-drumming (SFX) and pipers a-piping (ALL SFX) ---- it's lawn care with a real sense of celebration.

DiGi (SING):
Then use a small appliance, to dig up dandelions! Fa la la la la!
And then we'll prune the shrubs down to little stubs. Fa la la la la!

GK: At Renaissance we take hard work and turn it into a festival ---- ten lords a-leaping and nine ladies dancing (SFX) or nine lords and ten ladies (SFX) ---- whatever you like ---- plus lambs gamboling (SFX), an owl and a pussycat (SFX), French hens (SFX), a partridge in a pear tree. (SFX)

DiGi (SING):
The flowerbeds are needing, someone to do the weeding! Fa la la la la!
To have the finest lawns ----- just call Renaissance. Fa la la la la!

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