Cute (Lyrics), June 11, 2011

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Cute (Lyrics)

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I was walking around back where I come from
Maple Street Anytown USA
And I took a wrong turn somewhere
And found Anytown Au Lait

It was a neighborhood of beautiful homes
And the lawns were immaculately trim
And the children all had Celtic names
And the women were smart and slim

And there was a little shopping district
With a restaurant called Home
And a coffeeshop with exposed brick walls
That sells fair trade coffee with lots of foam

And all the shops have candy-striped awnings
And everything is whimsical as it can be
Everything is retro and old-timey
And shop is spelled with an extra p and e.

The hair salon is called The Barbary
And a stationery store called The Papery
The butcher shop is called The Carvery
And everybody smiles and is neighborly

And O how I miss the old salvage yard
With about 87 wrecked cars
And piles of old fenders and tire rims
lying out on the boulevard

In this town everything is hand-crafted
And there is artisan bread and cheese
And it's natural and sustainable
Baked in local cooperative bakeries

Moms ride their bikes to the farmer's market
And come home with fresh lettuce and baguettes
And dads walk home with their babies
in canvas slings on their chests

There is a doggie bakery next to the bookstore
There are six imported gift shops
There is an enormous community garden
And warehouses made into lofts

At the Icery you can buy gelato
At the Spicery you can buy spices
And at the Shrinkery there's a psychologist
Who can talk you through a personal crisis.

And O how I miss the old pool hall
That was patronized by unsavory folks
And old men in their undershirts
Sat around and blow clouds of smoke

And people all have beautiful bodies
Like the mannequins in J. Crew
They all do yoga or pilates
And walk briskly for an hour or two.

And prenatal French immersion is popular
And all the infants learn to sign
And there's a test to get into preschool
And you're going to want to score around 99

And O how I miss the old newspaper
And the smoke-filled city room
And the editors all were bastards
And the printers were drunk by noon

And I miss the junk and debris
The punks and all of that ilk
And give me a scone that's gluten-free
And a latte with non-dairy milk

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