My Old Dad (Lyrics), June 18, 2011

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My Old Dad (Lyrics)

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Daddy was a gardener
I think of him in the spring
Sweet corn, onions, peas
Tending his own apple trees
Tomatoes, melons, row by row
He cultivated with his hoe
I never thanked him, then he passed away
I bless his name almost every day

My daddy was a carpenter
He loved to cut and trim
Whenever I hear a power saw
I always think of him
Nails in his mouth, hammer in hand
Way up high on a ladder he'd stand
I think of him, my old dad
And all the conversations that we never had

Every day you did your part
Faithful service of the heart
Love you dad, thank you too
Blessed the world as you passed through
My old dad

I've done the best I can
My regrets are few
I honor my old man
Blessed his name as I pass through

My old dad

When I bid the world goodbye
And become a memory
Good friends, don't regret
What you didn't say to me
Just praise your children every day
Don't honk at people in your way
Every day start brand-new
Bless the world as you pass through

Bless the world as you pass through
Bless the world as you pass through
Every day brand-new
Bless the world as you pass through

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