Back in the Day (Lyrics), July 2, 2011

Koussevitzky Music Shed, Tanglewood Music Festival

Lenox, MA

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Back in the Day (Lyrics)

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Back then, my little daughter
We didn't pay for a bottle of water
Back when Sinatra was alive
And coffee didn't cost three ninety-five
We didn't worry bout organic purity,
The polar bear, or airline security.
No metal detectors, we just walked on through
And that was long before you.

In school, we said a prayer
To God above the ozone layer
He was management and we were labor
And we got the news on a sheet of paper
We didn't read it off a screen
We didn't worry about caffeine
Or secondary smoke or other risks
And music came on black vinyl discs.


Sometimes I might prefer
To go back to where we were
But I think of life as a circus parade
We ride along as the music is played
There you are, young and elegant,
Up on the back of an elephant
In your spangly suit, my dear,
And I am walking to the rear
Brown coveralls is my costume,
I'm the guy with a shovel and broom.
The young and beautiful ride high,
Faces turned up toward the sky.
I look at the ground so I can scoop
Up the piles of elephant poop
In the midst of youth and beauty
A father must attend to duty.
A slight demotion, yes, I know
But I'm still with the show.

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