Big Island, December 31, 2011

Neil S. Blaisdell Center Concert Hall

Honolulu, HI

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Big Island

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GK: Hawaii. (SURF, GULLS) You can picture it in your mind. White beach, blue sea, surfers (SFX). But what about the interior? Up there in those green mountains and valleys in the middle? (EXOTIC BIRDS) The inner Hawaii. Down a dirt road and into a remote village where (NOSE GUITAR) beautiful brown people sit under a tree and sing in their high tremulous voices (SFX, FN ULULATE/YODEL). But what about the Big Island.



GK: The Big Island. The island that people don’t go to unless they know what they’re doing.

FN (MANLY): I’m going to the big island. Gonna take a big dog and stay for a long time.

GK: The island that little children on little islands have bad dreams about.

TR (DARK, DEEP): I’m taking you to the Big Island. (EVIL LAUGH)

GK: What’s there? Let’s see for ourselves. (JET LANDING) We land in a 747 on the Big Island and we get into a big truck (SFX) and it heads for the interior. Several days later, we notice something different. (BLIZZARD) Snow. Big drifts of snow. The big truck gets stuck. (SPINNING TIRES) The radio doesn’t work. (STATIC, TURNING DIAL) (TR: May Day. May Day. December Day. December Day.) We’re in a little hut on a mountainside (BLIZZARD, WOLVES) and a giant Hawaiian bear is outside (TR BEAR). A bear that’s almost extinct because only two males remain, no females. So he’s pretty upset about that. (SFX) And the snow is coming down hard and you have no matches and you’re wearing a short-sleeved shirt and shorts and sandals. Being attacked by an ill-tempered bear.

This is why Hawaii welcomes immigrants from the North. Because vast tracts of wilderness remain in the heart of ----



GK: Vast gold deposits. (CLINK) Oil. (GUSHER) Forests. (CHAINSAW) It’s deep in the interior, in places where people unaccustomed to severe weather dare not go. But if you’re from Minnesota, North Dakota, Upper Michigan, Buffalo NY ----- this is your opportunity.



GK: It’s not for everybody. It’s here. Waiting for you.

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