Fritz, February 25, 2012

Duluth Entertainment Convention Center

Duluth, MN

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GK: Right after this message from Fritz Electronics. Lots of people have the new iPhone—the one that talks to you.

SS (SIRI): Hi. This is Siri. What can I help you with?

FN: I'm looking for a grocery store.

GK: But Siri isn't good for everybody. Some people would rather not have a woman telling them what to do.

SS (SIRI): It's right there. The grocery store. You're looking right at it. What's the problem?

GK: Now there's an alternative. The mPhone—the phone that talks to you in a man's voice.

TR (ROBOT): Hi. I'm Larry. What's goin' on?

GK: Larry's a straight shooter. No games. He just tells you what he thinks.

SS: Larry—where can I adopt a cat?

TR (ROBOT): What you want is a dog.

SS: I don't want a dog. I want a cat.

TR (ROBOT): If you get a cat, you're never going to find a husband.

SS: What?

TR (ROBOT): Get a dog. A German Wirehaired Pointer.

GK: Larry talks to you just like a real man would.

SS: Larry—where is this movie theater?

TR (ROBOT): We're almost there.

SS: You said that 10 minutes ago.

TR (ROBOT): We're even closer now.

SS: We're lost, aren't we? Just admit it.

TR (ROBOT): We are not lost.

SS: I don't believe you. Show me a map.

TR (ROBOT): I don't need a map.

SS: Larry, we are so late! Why don't you just admit that you're lost?!

TR (ROBOT): I am not lost. In fact, I know a great shortcut. I think.

SS (OFF): No!!!! Larry!!

GK: That's the mPhone, featuring Larry: he's just like a real man would. Available now at Fritz Electronics.

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