Suspended, April 28, 2012

Ryman Auditorium

Nashville, TN

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It's interesting in this Republican primary season to see that nobody ends their campaign anymore. They suspend it.

Michelle Bachman said she was stepping aside, but Herman Cain said he was suspending his campaign, Rick Perry suspended his and also endorsed Newt Gingrich which you would think would mean the end of the Perry campaign but who knows, and Jon Huntsman suspended his, and Rick Santorum suspended his, and so far we don't know what Mr. Gingrich is doing, he is keeping us in suspense.

The tendency not to admit defeat is an interesting phenomenon. Politics usually has clear winners and losers, like in sports, but maybe that's not true anymore.

I've reluctantly decided to suspend my love for you
And put it on the shelf for awhile
You told me to get lost and you don't return my calls
You said it and you didn't even smile

I'm not giving up, I want my message to get through
Even though you scorn me, I'm still in love with you
But I'm suspending my campaign to make you mine
For a time.

I spent millions of dollars on dinners and flowers
And gifts to win your attention
But you kept saying no when I asked for a date
And so I'm announcing this suspension
You run the other way, you won't give me your vote
You roll your eyes and stick your fingers down your throat
I'm getting the idea you don't care
But I'm still there

I'm going to take a break in my attempt to win your heart
Though I haven't lost my ambition
But you've locked your door and you've pulled the shades
And I guess it's time for intermission
But I'm not quitting, I'm all set to go
And if you change your mind I hope you'll let me know
I'm here and I love you so much
Keep in touch

You told your friends that you're sick of seeing me
And you wish I would jump into the lake.
You wouldn't take my ring and you laugh when I sing
So maybe it is time we take a break.
Let me give you my number and my email address
I respect your decision but I love you, I confess
And if you should change your mind
Just give the sign.

Should I say more
Or have you closed the door

I'm not ending
Just suspending

Could we speak?
I'm free next week

Am I unfriended?
Or just suspended?

Were you about to say something just now?
I thought I heard you lift your eyebrow

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