Southern Town, May 12, 2012

Fox Theatre

Atlanta, GA

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Southern Town

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Southern town on a warm spring night
Oleander pink and white
Shotgun houses on a quiet street
And the air so still and sweet

Japonica and a tulip tree
On a porch just you and me
Holding your hand in mine
Camellias and a honeysuckle vine

Bullfrogs on the river shore
Mockingbird in the sycamore
Singing love songs late at night
You and me in the lantern light.

The faroff whistle of a southbound train
You lean in close and say my name
I squeeze your hand and say yours too
I hear the boxcar rumbling through
Wish that love would not get old
Smiles fade and hearts grow cold
Want it fresh like the jasmine vine
The arborvitae and the columbine.

But I will stay another day
The freight train slowly fades away
As we sit together on a summer night
You look so sweet in the candlelight

Day by day is how we live
Do our best and the rest forgive
And summer sweetens us so well
The arborvitae and the jasmine smell

Don't say much on a summer night
Are you alright? Yes, I'm alright.
Crickets murmur in the grass
The trains go through and the hours pass

Japonica and a tulip tree
Lantern shines on you and me
Holding your hand in mine
Camellias and a honeysuckle vine

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