May 19, 2012 // Show # 1342

All In a Tangle

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers

This week on A Prairie Home Companion, while the cast and crew are off packing their steamer trunks for the remainder of our live broadcast season, we'll take time to revisit two shows we did from Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts. Steve Martin endures a few banjo jokes and joins The Steep Canyon Rangers, Martin Sheen appears as Jimmy Flannigan, concert pianist, in an episode of Guy Noir, and Heather Masse sings her "Bird Song." Plus, Arlo Guthrie enforces his "No Singing Along" rule in The Lives of the Cowboys, Hilary Thavis sings the "Facebook Blues" and Lake Wobegon is a-buzz with stories of the miracles of Pastor Liz.


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  • Segment 1
    • 00:00:00 APHC Logo Open
    • 00:00:11 Tishomingo Blues
    • 00:00:54 GK Intro
    • 00:02:34 GK Poem re: Tanglewood (6/27/09)
    • 00:04:40 "Bird Song," Heather Masse (6/27/09)
    • 00:08:10 "Forever Dumb," GK and Heather (6/27/09)
    • 00:10:39 Cowboys with Arlo Guthrie and Martin Sheen (6/27/09)
    • 00:24:12 "Pitkin County" and "Daddy Played the Banjo," Steve Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers (6/27/09)
    • 00:32:14 Powdermilk (6/27/09)
    • 00:33:43 GK Powdermilk Outro
  • Segment 2
    • 00:34:11 "Many Loves," Hilary Thavis (6/26/10)
    • 00:37:45 Erica Script re: being chosen as next host (6/26/10)
    • 00:43:47 "Going Down the Road", The Wailin Jennys (6/26/10)
    • 00:47:05 Guy Noir script with Martin Sheen re: crazy conductor (6/27/09)
    • 00:59:36 GK Intermission (6/27/09, "Avalon," The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band)
  • Segment 3
    • 01:04:14 GK Welcome Back
    • 01:04:39 "Roanoke/Big Mon," Stuart D. with Andy Stein (6/27/09)
    • 01:07:41 Mom script re: 4th of July (6/27/09)
    • 01:15:55 GK Intros Steve, into banjo jokes, into "Saga of the Old West," Steve and Steep Canyon Rangers (6/27/09)
    • 01:19:10 ELCA script re: sunburns (6/27/09)
  • Segment 4
    • 01:21:04 News From Lake Wobegon re: Miracles of Liz (6/26/10)
  • Segment 5
    • 01:36:03 "In the Garden," PD (6/26/10)
    • 01:38:50 "Motherless Child," The Wailin Jennys (6/26/10)
    • 01:42:57 Ketchup with Erica (6/26/10)
    • 01:47:14 GK Intro Arlo Guthrie, into "In the Shade of an Old Apple Tree," and "Times Like These," Arlo Guthrie (6/27/09)
    • 01:54:01 GK Credits
    • 01:55:13 "Facebook Blues," Hilary Thavis (6/26/10)
    • 01:58:40 GK Credits

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