Star Walk, July 14, 2012

Hollywood Bowl

Los Angeles, CA

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Star Walk

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GK: We're not far from the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the stars on the sidewalk. (FOOTSTEPS, LIGHT TRAFFIC) People like John Wayne.

TR (JOHN WAYNE): I got a star. It's around my name. It's a big responsibility, being a man with a star. A star with five points just like the one I used to wear. And now it wears me. Yessir.

GK: And Mr. Rogers.

TR (MR. ROGERS): Everybody on this star walk is special. Mr. Wayne is special. Mr. Cary Grant. Marilyn. We're all special people. And you're a special person, too. I like you.

GK: And there's Marlon Brando.

TR (GODFATHER): Listen to me, all right? You step on me I step on you. An eye for an eye. Understand? Okay. You step on me I step on you.

GK: And Groucho Marx--

TR (GROUCHO): I see London, I see France. I can see right up your dress. Maybe you didn't know that. Well, now you do. Here's a hundred bucks.

GK: Over here is Ronald Reagan.

TR (RONALD REAGAN): Well, I am very happy to have a star. I also have a whole library not far from here and if you want to go visit, I think you'd find it very very informative.

GK: And Kermit the Frog.

TR (KERMIT): Hi ho. Kermit T Frog here. I bet I'm the only frog on this walk, aren't I? Go ahead. Try to find another one. I bet you can't.

GK: Over here is Jimmy Stewart.

TR (JIMMY STEWART): Hey now, where you going so fast. Slow down. Sit down on the curb there. Let's talk it over.

GK: And Clint Eastwood.

TR (CLINT): I've been waiting for you, punk. And now here you are. Want to step on my star? Huh? Go ahead. Be brave.

GK: And Carol Channing.

TR (CHANNING, SINGS): A star in concrete hey that's all pretty neat, a reward at the rainbow's end, And I love it, I do, but still it is true, that diamonds are a girl's best friend.

GK: It's a beautiful thing, the star walk.

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